View Full Version : IMOA's Silvia videos drifting AE86

March 30th, 2015, 11:36 PM
Well, it's probably not the same Silvia. But still. :lol:


Remember, motoring experts think the cars are from Japan.

Yobbo NZ
March 31st, 2015, 01:03 AM
It took "motoring experts" to figure that out!

Rare White Ape
March 31st, 2015, 02:05 AM

A Current Affair, for those overseas who don't know it, is a 'news' program which tells you what to think about about dodgy builders, young people going drinking, and hoons.

It's everything I despise about news media and social commentary.

March 31st, 2015, 02:25 AM
The Daily Mail of Aussie TV?

March 31st, 2015, 07:51 AM
Greg's car was green. :)


March 31st, 2015, 08:59 AM
Doesn't this belong in the Should I Move to Australia thread? Mad dorifto is way worse than poisonous cats and stuff.

March 31st, 2015, 12:07 PM
And I had s14's and an s15, never a shitbox s13 :)

Rare White Ape
April 1st, 2015, 01:19 AM
The Daily Mail of Aussie TV?

Does Murdoch own the Daily Mail as well?

If so, yes.

April 1st, 2015, 01:48 AM
No. But in terms of tone, it's probably the same.

April 7th, 2015, 03:02 AM
God i hate the frigging over dramatising-everything media. :angry:

He WAS in full control of the car you stupid reporter, otherwise thats the most extreme case of trying to regain control of a car i've ever seen!

"Inches from colliding with another car". Try a car length mr Policeman. Put your glasses on.

And don't get me started on the 'these cars are commonly used for reckless driving' comment.

Fact is, the boy racers/hoons etc that do this sort of thing on the road (some of them, definitely not all of them) have more car control skills than a fair whack of all the 'normal' motorists out there, who'd (and do) panic at the first sign of losing control.
I don't have those sorts of skills (haven't tried doing anything like that even in controlled environments) but the car control skills i've gained from the few motorsport events i've done have helped me avoid having crashes/accidents (pumping brakes in slippery conditions, countersteering, countersteering and accelerating out of a sudden slide etc etc).

I'm not condoning their actions, in fact i think it was pretty stupid with that much traffic around, but the media are savages when it comes to making something worse than it is.

Rant over.