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Rare White Ape
December 19th, 2019, 03:08 PM
Tyler how did your race go? You’ve left me hanging!

December 19th, 2019, 04:33 PM

So I get in and start warming up, and am all over the place. I'm a bit on edge, which is rare for me. We start qualifying and I right on the tail of the fastest guy on the mulsanne and I'm hauling ass. My middle sector right before the mulsanne corner is nearly 1.2 up from my fastest time ever, due to me holding his draft down every straight. My fastest is a 3'25.2 with this configuration. I start preparing for the right hander leading into the mulsanne corner and one of the backmarkers punts me into the sand pit, right where Davidson got hit way back when. I cuss out loud on the mic, then mute myself to prevent me from saying something mean. I shake it off and try to salvage the lap the best I could. It turns into a 3'42, 8th of 9 places. I'm livid. I look down and notice the timer went from 40 seconds to qualify to 4 minutes, because the organizer set it up to do that.

I snap back into focus and do a balls out run. I carry decent speed through under Dunlop, and throw the car into Tertre Rouge. 145mph at corner exit. Fly down the mulsanne and nail my first braking point and drop to second gear at the apex of forza and claw onto the mulsanne again. Nail the braking into Michelin chicane and have a slightly wide but safe exit. I slightly overshoot the apex of Mulsanne corner, but I don't lose much and begin the tear down towards Indianapolis and Arnage. I clip through both by giving up a touch to keep it clean to not spoil my qualification time. I ease off the throttle and Chuck the 919 into the Porsche Curves with nary a mistake. Leaving just enough on the table to adjust if needed. I dispatch the Corvette Curves and come tunneling down to Ford. Again, I back off just enough to keep it clean, but quick. I clip across the line at around a 3'28, which places me 3rd on grid.

I'm pumped at this point. But still pissed about the hit. The race tees off and I forgot to set TCS to 1 and blow the start. I drop back to 8th. We all are carrying good speed and into Dunlop chicane and I get rear-ended again at the entrance. I tap one other person by the intertia transfer and he goes off to the sand. I apologized and kept going. I look up and see Nate has moved up a few places and now leads me into the esses. I try to give him room and completely cock up the entrance and end up in the sand. I quickly shake it off and remind myself to calm down. It's a 1 hour race and most of the guys didn't plan out any real fuel strategies by the way warmup discussions went. I knew I would easily have a 2 stopper with fuel left to spare. I'm some 30+ seconds back at this point. This is the first lap and I'm not even on the mulsanne yet. I remind myself it's a 1 hour race and I need to stick to my plan and find my groove. First lap completed at a painful 4'12. Second lap comes and 8th place makes a big error, and I pull up behind him and apply pressure. Boom another error and I'm past. 3'35. Another lap comes up and I start reeling in the back half of the pack. The next guy in line lags out of the race. Lap 4 the first person pits. I fly by and don't look back. I'm starting to get psyched about the pit strat. Lap 5 happens and 3 more pit. I'm now in 5th place. And I have hit my groove. I pit at the end of 6 with 0% fuel in the tank and 2 people (Nate being one of them) get by. Lap 7 is uneventful. 8 comes and another pit by 2 racers, and a mistake in the Ford chicanes gives me 4th place. Lap 11 brings another into the pits, and I'm back into 3rd. But he exits right behind me. He is in a 787B and I know he will catch me on the mulsanne. But I don't know where. It happens to happen right before Forza. I see headlights getting bright as I begin my braking zone and he doesn't even slow down for the Forza chicane and crashes. Fuel mixture adjustment distracted him. I pit at the end of the lap 12 but am still clear of him. I turn fuel trim up to 4 and quickly begin setting my fastest laps, and cross the line without any more drama. 3rd place finish after a horrendous start.

It was a damn fun race.

December 19th, 2019, 06:39 PM
Tyler was pitting every 6 laps, but the 787B needed fuel every 4 laps, so we were never really close in a meaningful way. I finished about 40 seconds back from him, the second 787B.

I am not a fan of GT:S but this was the most fun I have had with it. Wish I had practiced more, could have been competitive. Would be nice if the lobby connectivity wasn't so bad. We had several issues including getting the entire field punted out during qualifying.

December 20th, 2019, 05:00 AM
As I always say, no race is over until you cross the finish line. I've seen so many things happen on last laps and had big recoveries from early mishaps.

Rare White Ape
December 23rd, 2019, 07:35 AM
Laguna Seca, in the SF19, in VRÖ

Chefís kiss.

Makes you realise how much of an utter mad dog Zanardi was to pull off that pass.

December 23rd, 2019, 07:40 AM
Did about a 2 hour practice session with Tyler last night. Laguna Seca, N300s over 25 years old. Very pleasantly surprised they got the track limits penalties so right.

December 24th, 2019, 10:51 PM
Does anyone else get crazy amounts of brake lift-off oversteer on the C7 Gr.4?

In certain scenarios the car just snap yaws on my with little warning.

Rare White Ape
December 24th, 2019, 11:21 PM
I havenít driven that car, but I have found other cars that are quite unstable under braking.

In those cases I just twiddle the brake bias dial until I find a happy level.

Rare White Ape
December 25th, 2019, 02:54 AM
Iíve noticed a couple of additional things added to this latest update that werenít really widely mentioned:

The hybrid tyre strat has been banned in the FIA races (in a race if you were required to use hard tyres in at least one stint you could start with medium fronts and hard rears and fulfil that requirement) so you now have to use a complete set of hard tyres.

Plus in arcade time time trial mode you can now switch cars or tracks without having to go back to the main menu. There is now an extra menu option up near the replay/ghost loading buttons in the race lobby screen.

December 25th, 2019, 05:53 AM
The extra menu in Arcade Mode has been around for a while now.

Rare White Ape
January 7th, 2020, 03:39 AM
This week's Daily Race C has shades of this:


January 7th, 2020, 07:42 PM
3min mark - nice opposite lock in both directions!

Rare White Ape
January 22nd, 2020, 10:00 PM
I thought Iíd have a look at the Kudos Prime stats for a few players around the place. It makes for some interesting viewing, when you can peek beneath the curtain on a few of our favourite drivers. For instance, hereís mine to start off with. Iím off to a nice start, given that Iíve only been playing online for about a month (if you only count the days actually logged in). Iím in the A bracket, and steadily improving.

https://i.ibb.co/Kr1vPsx/EA2-D0-A2-E-D5-BC-4-F71-8-C51-63934-A45692-A.png (https://ibb.co/DRq2JMf)

Next up we have F4H_Super_GT, better known as YouTubeís Super GT. A fast driver by every definition. I like to say Iím tracking alongside him, if you look at his first 25 days of results, but I doubt Iíd keep up with him over the next hundred.

https://i.ibb.co/mSXDrts/D1-F2-F70-D-8981-4-E54-8450-9-EE0-E8-F785-A6.png (https://ibb.co/Fn0xkJv)

After him is kie25, one of the top players in the world. As you can see he is constantly at the top, with a few bad days that pushed him way down. You can see the matching spikes in the SR rating. It doesnít take him long to get back up to the top though.

https://i.ibb.co/C7X0nfT/B92-CB87-B-0-EBD-410-E-83-AB-9-AC106-B96455.png (https://ibb.co/hWn8KSt)

This is is EERIEISSSS, also a YouTuber. His current goal is to get back up to A+ rating. His first 25 days was slower than mine, but I think Iím roughly on his level, except heís been very inconsistent and canít keep his level up there in the high-As.

https://i.ibb.co/6PSWWsS/72518209-D743-4408-8-CC8-125-C2486-BD59.png (https://ibb.co/J7TsskT)

And finally, CudaManÖ *shrug*

https://i.ibb.co/SQ9F8sH/0-B669-C4-F-E6-BA-4-DAA-B0-D5-F324-AD8074-D2.png (https://ibb.co/FsjRMxc)

January 23rd, 2020, 12:10 PM
Quite interesting charts! Mine is boring. :) I haven't raced a ton since GT Sport came out - you can see how far apart my dots are compared to the streamers.

Rare White Ape
January 23rd, 2020, 03:31 PM
Yeah youíve only got just over 70 days logged. If you put your head down and were committed youíd be at the world tour events, no doubt about that.

Tom Servo
January 23rd, 2020, 08:57 PM
Well, if you're going to be boring, you might as well be Michael Schumacher boring. "Oh, he won again? Meh."

January 24th, 2020, 11:51 AM
I don't think I've won a single FIA race since getting into the top splits. :) And that's just North America. These guys are too good.

January 24th, 2020, 02:13 PM
"these guys"

Bud, you are one of them. You won the GT Challenge when it first happened

January 24th, 2020, 04:02 PM
Some of these dudes were in diapers back then. :lol: Ok not quite, but you get the gist. :)

I've given the FIA races a good go from time to time. There's pace I've yet to unlock either from myself or my understanding of the game. Plenty of guys who can smoke me now. I still want to try some more, but I find the scheduling tough to keep up with and sometimes difficult.

Rare White Ape
January 24th, 2020, 04:06 PM
Yeah this season's FIA races are on a tough schedule. Four nights a week! Last season it was two, with both series on the same night.

Has it always been like this? I only got interested in doing them in November.

January 27th, 2020, 06:00 PM
Despite several solid showings in the daily race yesterday, my driver rating had taken a huge hit. I'm down from 21k to 15k in less than a month.

I completed 3 FIA races yesterday and had the complete wrong car for the field I was in. Alfa 4c on RBR.

The big cars would pull away on the straights, then take so damned long to make the turn, they would completely kill all momentum I had. I tried to pass one guy, in back to back races, and was side swiped both times going into the hairpin at the top of the track.

I also had an Aston Martin push me off the track entirely on the straight after the esses and ended up with no penalty. The lobbies I was in was all S ranked SR drivers. They sure as hell didn't act like it. In one race, no less than 6 cars on lap one had severe collisions after turn 1 and 2.

I need to figure this DR out, because the B ranked lobbies are a crap shoot. According to that site, my Daily races times are top 1-3% in region but for whatever reason, I'm in the lower half of the Driver rating

January 27th, 2020, 08:29 PM
Assuming it hasn't changed in a while, Daily Races have no penalties applied. The official FIA races (Manufacturers and Nations) do.

Rare White Ape
January 27th, 2020, 10:24 PM
You can still get penalties in the Daily Races, but the big issue right now is that PD has all but turned off the minor car-to-car collision penalties and only left major car impacts and corner cutting penalties active.

They did this because a few weeks ago they updated the game and made the car-to-car penalties too strict, or would punish not-at-fault drivers, so they just turned them off. Suddenly the lobbies are full of hopeless rammers, or people not respecting your racing room if you come alongside. Feels like I'm playing Forza!

I've lucked out with having 90% great racing in the last few weeks in my region, as everyone seems to play fair, except for today when I hopped on and spent a few hours being punted and shuffled out in the Laguna S2000 race. I think the Aussie and Japanese drivers are starting to give less of a shit. Thank fuck I'm not in the Europe or America regions.

Rare White Ape
January 27th, 2020, 10:34 PM
On a completely unrelated note, I scored the 182nd fastest qualifying time for last week's Spa daily races in the wet. But the next fastest Aussie up from me is a player named deepinyamum69 (https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/stats.php?profile=9058717), so that stings a bit...

Rare White Ape
January 28th, 2020, 01:19 AM
Back on the topic of the penalty system, thereís a server maintenance plus a game update coming at the end of this week (no new cars or tracks). Hopefully the penalties will return.

January 28th, 2020, 12:46 PM
All this is proof that a good SR/penalty system can properly incentivize clean racing.

Rare White Ape
January 29th, 2020, 02:58 AM
Confirmed: penalties are back :up:

January 29th, 2020, 06:55 AM
Thank fuck. I'll probably hope on today then.

Rare White Ape
January 29th, 2020, 07:00 AM
Nah, wait a few days. Give it time for the shit drivers to be filtered downwards.

Everyone is on an S rank for SR and theyíre being allowed into all the lobbies, so theyíre still able to practise their bad habits against actual fair drivers.

If you expose yourself to that you risk losing your own DR and SR.

Rare White Ape
January 30th, 2020, 05:49 AM
So, ah, I was dumb enough to play a few Faily Races tonight in the S2000 at Laguna. My quali time is good enough to put me in the top 3 on the grid, so I shouldíve been safe from the really bad drivers further down.

Nope. Itís too early. Rammers galore. My DR took a hit, but not by much since Iím such a fucking good driver (yes siree if I say so), but one particular driver made life miserable for the mid-pack and caused trouble for everyone around him. Halfway into the race he was behind me heading into that banked right-hander before pit entry (not a passing spot) and I could predict his move, so I let him have the corner but he still bottled it and caused me to wear a two second penalty.

Iím not proud of what I did to him, after I had served my penalty and he knocked yet another driver off, but suffice to say I did prevent him from winning that race, just to make sure he didnít pull off a miraculous 13th-to-1st in the three laps we had left.

January 30th, 2020, 02:54 PM
It's exhausting how little they get penalized

February 6th, 2020, 08:29 PM
Seriously, wtf.

I have finished higher than my car number every single race this week except for one. I have bested my projected fast time from the site above, and my standings continue to go down.

This makes no sense.

Rare White Ape
February 6th, 2020, 09:29 PM
What are your finishing positions like, tho? And what level are your competitors?

Iíve found that car number is an unreliable indicator of potential points haul or loss. GT awards points based on how well you did against your opponents, and you can still gain a lot of points if youíre a B rated driver near the back of an A rated field.

Best bet (of course) is to aim for top fives every time, if not podiums.

February 6th, 2020, 09:37 PM
So, put a decent amount of effort into the qualifying before the race for a faster time, than entering a lobby relatively cold and pulling passes?

Rare White Ape
February 6th, 2020, 09:46 PM
As I type, Iím currently you going Ďseal clubbingí.

I have a fast quali time in Gr.4 Sardegna so Iím making use of it to grind DR. Iím only getting 2-300 pts for a win. Door number 4 for that one, if it helps.

Itís not a glorious pastime but it still has its challenges. The guy in the Lambo punted me at T1 on lap 1 with no penalty and won the race.


Rare White Ape
February 6th, 2020, 09:49 PM
So, put a decent amount of effort into the qualifying before the race for a faster time, than entering a lobby relatively cold and pulling passes?

Absolutely. Qualifying is very important. You can check the top ten times and download the replay, or use the ghost to gauge yourself against. Get yourself out of the pack before the race even starts.

Rare White Ape
February 15th, 2020, 05:42 PM
This weekend it has been revealed that the Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 from 2010 is being added to the game.

Gimme that V12 scream!

February 15th, 2020, 06:27 PM
Time to fire up the livery editor.

Rare White Ape
February 15th, 2020, 09:41 PM
Itíll be coming in Gulf colours, so paint accordingly.

February 15th, 2020, 11:16 PM
Gulf colors, but not the correct Gulf colors. It appears to be similar to the V12 Vantage GT3's default livery, which is similar to a factory livery, but full of GT Sport's fake sponsor logos.

Rare White Ape
February 16th, 2020, 12:15 AM
Oh dang.

Jimmy Broadbent drove it at the World Tour thing today, and said it was being BoPíd for GT3 class as well (although if being used outside of GT3 itíll be more powerful).

I wish theyíd make them more accurate. They need to get the LM-GTE/GT1 cars into Group 2 and replace/update Group 3 with proper GT3 cars like the new 911.2 GT3 R and the NSX GT3 Evo.

Rare White Ape
February 17th, 2020, 05:33 AM
Man there are so many angry people playing GT tonight. Well, this week. Iíve had whole nights ruined by shoddy sportsmanship. Mostly from side-swiping if you have the gall to get a better corner exit and pull alongside. The odd dive bomber will show up and think they own the apex. This wasnít a thing in the A/A+ SR lobbies a few weeks ago.

One guy in an X2014 Jnr race, a 10 lap showdown at Autopolis, decided it was his god given right to be able to pass anyone on any corner, even had a go at punting me into the grass with no penalty in retaliation for me not giving up the downhill corner after the hairpin when he tried to pass on the outside! It basically ruined my race, put me from 6th to 16th. Some consistent driving got me back up to 12th.

I watched the replay and I wasnít his only victim. But somehow he found himself sliding backwards into the group I was tailing. They just happened to be a couple of drivers who heíd forced his way past earlier on, and on the last few corners of the last lap the three of us absolutely murdered the shit out of him. I nailed him into the gravel about 20 meters before the final kink onto the straight. I came 9th, corrected to 10th after a 4 second penalty. Our victim came 16th and last, and skulked his way to the pits after being reset on the track.

February 18th, 2020, 12:33 PM
Speaking of World Tour, the end of Nations Cup was a hell of a race.

February 18th, 2020, 10:52 PM
The359 and I found ourselves in the same split of the final Nations Cup race tonight. It was a great clean race and we both finished on the podium. Some Canadian dude (;)) was all over me most of the race, close but clean. The draft is really something here. Kind of an interesting race strategy-wise because the tires easily lasted the whole race but the fuel didn't - so on top of being a draft war it was also a chess game of fuel saving.

The prior race time slot was cutthroat nasty. Looks like the penalty system is more lenient than it was last time I was doing these FIA races, and people have figured out how to game the system, push other cars and get by with no penalty. Some guy got mad at me after the race when he turned himself across my nose (I was already at the edge of the track and wasn't going to lift on the 2nd to last lap), forgetting all the times I bump drafted him earlier to help him/us catch the lead pack again. Whatever. :)

Curious if this hotlink works....

Rare White Ape
February 19th, 2020, 03:35 AM
The hotlink works!

And yes the penalty system is a shamozzle. I can't put my finger on the specifics of it, where they seem to have fixed whatever caused the issues a fortnight ago yet the last week of racing I've taken part in still has problem drivers, but your cheerful "Whatever :) " highlights the clear difference between our respective approaches to the situation as it stands right now, if you compare it to my last post.

I've kept away from the FIA series in the last few weeks, partly because of the tough schedule they've changed to, and partly because it's 30c with 80% humidity at the moment and my air-con is broken and I don't have too much patience to throw at it.

So I think it's skewing my perception of online multiplayer in GT Sport right now. I did one series of FIA towards the end of last year and they were some of the most intense and stongly-fought races I've ever been a part of, and they were fair. I didn't mind coming 9th if it was my mistake or I wasn't fast enough. To come 9th because someone decided their right to track space overrode mine in an unfair manner really climbs up my sphincter. I plan to try an FIA race this weekend, hopefully the people I race with are as considerate as I hope them to be.

February 19th, 2020, 05:41 AM
Who was the Canadian, I didn't recognize the name? It seems a lot of people are using new accounts, lots of S rank players I've never seen before.

February 19th, 2020, 11:05 AM
I didn't recognize his name either, but I haven't done much online GT racing in a while. And some guys change their screen names often, yeah.

RWA, you were hard done by. I my case last night I wasn't the victim, hence my whatever. :) When I saw the guy spinning across my front bumper I braked and hoped he would recover, but by the time I realized he wasn't catching his tankslapper I continued on (after losing 2-3 more spots). I can understand him being upset, it does suck to spin out of 4th place with a lap and a half to go, but he did it to himself. He probably thought he was clear.

There may be more of a wild west attitude compared to earlier last year. But I've only done 2 races so far this year and they were both very different from each other in that respect. I'll wait and see. It it does seem like the penalty system's refinements over the last several months have left it in a worse state than it was before. It's like the AI - it was pretty reasonable when GTS first came out and it didn't take long for them to ruin it with updates.

Since the hotlink works, a few more from last night:

https://s3.amazonaws.com/gt7sp-prod/photo/96/78/44/8152157443034447896_0.jpg This one looked much better on my TV. Here on my monitor it's washed out and loses its artsy flair.

February 19th, 2020, 11:49 AM
Hah, awesome. I clicked on the second one and as soon as it loaded the old song "My Favorite Game" started playing in my head. :lol: It's so GT, in a good way.

February 19th, 2020, 09:06 PM
Manufacturer's Cup racing tonight - start of a new season. I didn't do great but I think I know why. Well, for the first race I just practiced for 15 minutes with two different cars, picked one (signed with Honda) and went straight into qualifying for one of the races. I think I qualified 14th or so. Finished 12th. The NSX Gr4 handles pretty well but isn't very fast in a straight line so it's hard to pass at Spa. This was my 'practice' race to get a feel for running the NSX in traffic (draft and aero loss) and for the strategies people were employing. I entered the next race with a revised strategy and more track time to be more confident to nail my qualifying lap. I qualified 18th. :lol: It looked like everyone was qualifying in draft trains - to me that's hard to pull off and I like to qualify with clear road ahead. But maybe that cost me here. I was 2s off pole! Maybe more. This race was more fun and I finished 8th. I'm happy with gaining 10 spots, sure would have liked a top 5 though. Perhaps next time I should practice more - and hope for a track less draft dependent. The next race is Fuji so that one may be tough in the NSX, too. :)

Rare White Ape
February 20th, 2020, 05:30 AM
Much better racing for me tonight at Autopolis. Much, much better.

Firstly, I improved my qualifying time by a half-second and straight away landed in a lobby with pole position.

This is my race 1 lap chart (on the right). The best way to race is to pump out the best lap you can do for every lap of the race. Iím not metronomic to within 2 tenths, but I like looking at this reasonably tight window of lap times.


It can grant you a result like this:


Yeah thatís right. I lapped three cars.

But looking at my competitors, their rankings were B B B B C C C C D D D. I donít know how I ended up in that race, as compared to any other race, but a win is a win :D

For the second and third races I took part in tonight, I was placed in lobbies that were much more around my ranking level. The first of those was marred by a few incidents including one rude overtaker who nudged me in T1 and costing me two spots, followed by those two cars running themselves off the track while they battled on the very same lap. Whatís the point guys? Result was a comfortable fourth.

The final race was much tougher. I improved my quali again by over half a second (Iím juuuust shy of the 1:42 mark) and started fifth. Everyone got through T1 ok but here were some proper helmsmen in this race and I got mugged on the first lap losing two spots straight away. Someone made a borderline nasty overtake on me, putting me to 8th but I kept my head down. By the end of the first lap two cars in front of me had spun out, promoting me back to 6th. One lap later I had caught the guy who rudely slipped past. They were prudent enough to recognise that I did the bit between the hairpins better than them and allowed a clean pass to take place.

Another pass and I was looking at a solid fourth as long as I maintained a clean performance. I was slowly catching 2nd and 3rd and mid-way through the race it looks like they had an altercation at the big hairpin as there was a slow ghosted car in the corner and the braking markers knocked down. Luckily I use a dark patch of grass to judge my braking there so I was fine.

So I spent the next four laps in 3rd, 5 seconds behind 2nd and 5 seconds ahead of 4th, driving hard in the hope that I could snag 2nd if that driver made a mistake, while also making sure I didnít stuff it up myself and lose the podium. You can still have a good time if youíre in no manís land on the circuit if you set yourself a goal!

Iím beginning to seriously love Autopolis. At first it felt impossible to drive, but once you start to really learn itís curves itís incredibly rewarding. The downhill right after the big hairpin is a real piss-cutter, one of the most exciting corners youíll find anywhere. And the ensuing rollercoaster back up to the front straight is fantastic. Itís a real gran-turismoey track, like the sort of thing theyíd design as a fake circuit to chuck into the game. Except itís real. I love it!

Rare White Ape
February 22nd, 2020, 01:34 AM
I just went from 17th to 9th in tonightís Nations Cup at Bands Hatch!

I had no prep, qualified poorly, then stuck to the plan. Start on hards, change to medium on lap 8, change to soft plus four laps worth of fuel on lap 12. Youíll still need to fuel conserve, otherwise you spend too long in the pits. Just let people past if theyíre faster than you.

I was driving the Lexus, everyone else was in a 911. There was some shoddy driving, and Iím sure I made up most of my spots simply because people couldnít stop spinning out. I was up to 6th before my second pit stop, came out in 11th. One guy gifted me a top ten when he dived the guy in 9th trying to pass into Westfield. Itís not a passing zone! Sent the poor dude flying and earned himself a 1 sec penalty. I just followed him because he was too dangerous to be behind me but I never got to see him serve his penalty because he spun out of my way at the same corner a lap later :lol:

I couldnít quite grab 8th, as I didnít want to dive bomb the guy too deeply, and 10th was breathing down my neck, plus I rolled along the finish line with 0% fuel less than 0.5 seconds behind him :cool:

February 22nd, 2020, 11:33 PM
These multi-tire condensed strategy races can sure be fun. It's the intensity of a sprint race with all kinds of strategies (tire choice, fuel use, drafting, guessing what compounds others are on, etc) thrown in.

We ran quite a different strategy. Although I probably would have started on hards, too, from 17th on the grid. In the World Tour events the conventional wisdom generally seems to be that the hards are a bad choice so if you have to run it run it as little as possible. My strategy was to start on Mediums, do at least 8 laps, then do 1 or 2 laps on Hards, then go to Softs to the end. I started I think 3rd in my race (in the Renault RS01 twichy lovely beast) and it was going well on Mediums, I was saving fuel well in the draft. Toward the end of my stint I hit the apex curb at Westfield just wrong and it hooked the back end into a near spin. I lost a few spots and toasted the LR tire in the process. Pitted shortly thereafter. The hards felt like they had no grip and I wanted to get off them at the end of one lap. Naturally a runner on Meds or Softs caught me going into the last corner. I thought he was too far back to go for a move so I didn't defend. He went for the move. Did the annoyingly typical bump or two on entry to unsettle my car and push me wide, so not only did he get the position (he would have gotten it easily a corner or two later) but I was prevented from pitting. Had to endure another lap on the Hards with cars catching me. Going towards Westfield on this lap a Beetle had a run and I wanted to discourage any moves this time, so I defended. He braked too late and pushed me off circuit. I lost a ton of time with this one, I think I was down to 14th or something. Pitted for Softs and came out without so much traffic and I started catching people. One guy was probably on Mediums, or maybe worn softs. I had pace on him but couldn't just drive around him. While following into Graham Hill I put the RR tire on the grass and around I went. That's one bad thing about the RS01, when it goes it goes quick. So yeah, that race had potential but ended up a disaster. I ran a second one...

Got a good qualy lap for this one and started 2nd. Again chose Mediums. The leader on Softs (in a 911) ran away in 1 lap so I had no draft (which is helpful for lap time and also fuel saving). Slowly over the 8-lap Medium stint I extended the gap to the car behind me and watched the leader pull away. He pitted on lap 6. This time I decided since I was out front and not battling, I'd run Softs in the middle stint to keep/gain track position. I also had the bright idea to not refuel in the first pit stop, and continue to save fuel on Softs and then see how much I'd need to put in for the final pit stop. This was all going well, I was catching the 911 leader in this second stint while he was on Mediums. Then I realized I would be at least 1 lap short on fuel to extend the Soft running as long as I wanted to. Crap! When I crossed the line with 1.4 laps of fuel remaining, I stopped fuel saving for that in-lap and caught right up to the leader. Surprisingly, he pitted as early as I did. I had to put more fuel in my car so he came out a couple seconds ahead, and I came out back in traffic among a few runners on a different strategy. Battled them for a lap or two and then they pitted with 1 lap to go for Hards. So back into 2nd place I was, but by this time the leader was in the distance. I kept pushing just in case someone might be coming up behind on Softs - nobody did, at least not near the front of the field. Pretty happy with a 2nd place. I think the RS01 is fast on one lap but it's really hard to keep the rear tyres underneath it for very long. I considered that my personal challenge. :) Looking back on that race, if I had done a couple of things differently I might have had a shot to at least battle the leader.

The359 was also in this race and from looking at the results it didn't appear to go smoothly. Definitely a tough track to be fast on (it's high risk in several spots), a tough track to pass cleanly on, and all those mixed up strategies probably made for a lot of 'altercations' on track.

Holding down 2nd: https://s3.amazonaws.com/gt7sp-prod/photo/52/11/13/7278482205271131152_0.jpg
Please don't touch the grass, car, please don't! https://s3.amazonaws.com/gt7sp-prod/photo/84/75/31/7422597390526317584_0.jpg
Trying to channel my inner Fernando :lol: : https://s3.amazonaws.com/gt7sp-prod/photo/24/68/47/7431604600518476824_0.jpg
Found this livery for the next FIA Manufacturers race: https://s3.amazonaws.com/gt7sp-prod/photo/04/43/60/7431041640366604304_0.jpg

Rare White Ape
February 23rd, 2020, 03:31 AM
Yeah looking back on it I should've done four laps on the hard tyre to spend more time on faster rubber. I only did a one-shot as I wasn't keen on doing another.

If you're in the rear you have to start on hards, otherwise you're wasting fast rubber by being stuck in traffic. Not that you'd need to know eh ;)

At the front of the grid there is a different choice: start on hard, try hold track position, pit early to clear traffic. Or start on soft, try and pull a gap, pit late, hope to stay in front. The first of those two lead to a situation where you're actively battling with others and trying to limit their advantage on softer tyres.

I knew that at the back there will be people on different strategies to myself, or the lead drivers pitting early and coming up through the field. I just let them past, knowing that I could waste my own time in a pointless fight with the added risk of being savagely rear-ended.

So many options! It's like chess, but at 200km/h!

February 23rd, 2020, 08:00 AM
That particular race was not good, I didn't qualify where I thought I would, tried a strategy but then fell off the track about 3 times all on my own, so came home well back in a very embarsassing last. The race before that I had screwed up qualifying, started last, and strategized myself to a great 8th place finish with a very clean run, was hoping to do better by qualifying further up, but it was not to be.

Final race I qualified 9th, had one quick spin, came home 8th, so managed to salvage something at least. Probably could have been 6th or so without the spin. I probably should have tried another car but I stuck with the Alfa Romeo the entire time.

My strategy from the back was 1 lap of Hard, 8 laps of Medium, 7 laps of Soft. The final race I did 9 laps of Medium, 1 lap of Hard, 6 laps of Soft.

February 23rd, 2020, 07:36 PM
I had a very good battle in my 2nd Manufacturer race at Fuji, I knew the Aston Martin was never going to be a race winner so I figured after surviving and coming out on top of this six car battle for 6th place, I had enough.


February 24th, 2020, 12:24 AM
Those two passes around the outside were perfection. Nice!

I got busy this afternoon and entered my first race cold, not having practiced the online physics at Fuji yet. My plan was to use this race as my practice. Made a bit of a hash of qualifying, not unexpectedly, and started 12th. I was too far back entering the front straight to have the slipstream on my Q lap, and I braked too late for T1 anyway, falling even further out of the draft. In the race somehow I worked my way up to 6th though on-track passing more than strategy. It helped one guy punted another one off, so between the grass excursion for one and the 4s penalty for the other, that was two spots right there. Later in the race I was behind a couple Ferrari 458s and the trailing Ferrari gently bump-drafted the first Ferrari, which then received a 2-second penalty. Poor guy! That's a definite miss on the penalty system's algorithms. I have to say it made a lot more sense the way it was a year ago and prior. It's pretty weird now. Anyway there were 4 GT Academy guys in the race as I recall, which was awesome. :)

It was a high points race and I was reasonably happy moving up to 6th, so I debated whether to run again. In the end I decided I felt I could potentially qualify further up and maybe finish in the top 5 next race. So I went again. Qualifying was messy again - this time I was too close to the car in front of me starting my hotlap (he really slowed up in the last turn leading onto the straight) and I caught him in turn 3. Miraculously, he moved aside and let me have the line into the next corner. Minimal time lost, but I had already lost time in his dirty air and checking up for him. Turns out he wasn't terribly quick but was in the top split nonetheless. Rest of the lap was okay and I qualified 4th, just barely missing out on 3rd. Race starts and the 3rd place Benz is surprisingly slow through just a couple key corners (notably the backstretch kink on this Short configuration) and we lose the two leaders right away. On the second lap I pass the Mercedes and set off to catch the two lead cars - a Jag in 1st and another NSX in 2nd. By the time we pit on lap 7 I've pretty much caught them. Perhaps I could have done an undercut strategy but I played it safe on the length of my soft stint. We all pit together and I come out slightly further behind, not sure why (the replay is corrupt so I'll never know). It takes me a few corners too long to get up to speed on the Softs and I lose the draft. The leaders pull away. I get lonely on track. :p I make a mistake in the kink, getting massively sideways on entry, losing time and cooking the RR tire. As the laps begin to wind down I notice I'm catching the 2nd place NSX. He's fallen steadily back from the leader. As I reel him in I notice he's struggling with tires, and I catch him in the last lap. He defends well. I set him up in the final corners, he goes defensive into the last one, so I go wide and try to cut back with a better run (it's a long way to the finish line). He masterfully blocks off the apex and unwinds the wheel just as I decide to go left instead of right. I go way wide onto the astro-turf, keeping the throttle down, not caring if I get a penalty because 4th place is far behind. I don't get a penalty but I don't get the spot either. So close! Now if I hadn't made that mistake in the 2nd stint, or if I had qualified a few hundredths quicker to be ahead of the Mercedes from the off, 2nd place would have been more likely, and I might have even had a shot at the leader, who knows. That's how close the margins are and how perfect you have to be to win one of these things!

February 24th, 2020, 07:58 PM
"Update coming next week. This year's updates are modest in frequency and volume."


Gearing up for GT7/GT8 i guess.

Rare White Ape
February 24th, 2020, 10:01 PM
Yep everyone seems to be coming to the conclusion that they're winding down in preparation for PS5. What form that takes is yet to be revealed, but I hope for now it means they're working on full PS5 support for the current game until they're ready to start tackling the next iteration of GT. A rumoured GT7 could be years away and you don't want to lose the momentum of Sport Mode in the interim.

Like everyone else in the world, I have a personal laundry list I'd like to see, all of which are reasonable incusions:

Native (not checkerboard) 4K support
Expanded VR support, to allow proper racing against full fields in single player and private lobbies (not Sport Mode, for the obvious advantages it would give in a competitive environment)
Fullscreen replays without borders top and bottom
Maybe a PS5 edition car pack with 2020 release year models and some tracks to mark the occasion, available to all players regardless of console

As I said, leaving Sport Mode alone and maintaining it's user base would be the key to keeping the game going, and the mild enhancements listed above would help propel it along for another 18-24 months.

February 25th, 2020, 01:58 AM
I don't really have a wishlist for GT any mor....... ah hell, who am i kidding.

MY GT7 wishlist:
- A New Zealand track/driving location (Preferably Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell, Central Otago. It's been designed with the best bits from racetracks around the world.)
- Koenigsegg Agera R
- SSC Ultimate Aero
- More Skylines :P
- 2002 Mercedes SL55 AMG
- Return of classic GT cars (both versions of the Speed 12, Vectors, first gen Viper RT/10/GTS, old JGTC racers etc)
- Return of classic GT tracks (Deep Forest, Complex String, Tahiti Road Course, Pikes Peak sealed and gravel, all the other obscure ones)
- Return of the Event Generator mode, WITHOUT rubberbanding AI. Where the game randomly chooses tracks and opponents based on what you're driving and how grunty it is. Best feature of GT2 (later versions of it had cheating/rubberbanding AI cars and shorter races).
- Return of visual upgrades/modifications to cars. And audio as well (different exhausts), only if they use real car sounds though.

Etc. Basically though, it has the F50 now so i really don't care about anything else. :D

February 25th, 2020, 02:04 AM


Rare White Ape
February 25th, 2020, 05:17 AM
I joined one race tonight. Prior to that I did one qualifying session.

And so I found myself in fifth on the grid in Race C, Suzuka. Not too shabby.

After lap 1 I was in second, keeping up with first, but losing time after we pitted. I did a two-stopper, came out in fifth on lap 8 for the final stint, corrected to 3rd when two cars also pitted on lap 9.

On the final lap a rocket ship out of nowhere on fresh rubber caught me in the Degners, so I defended hard into the hairpin. He gently tagged me twice as I was slow to power out and he did the over-under to get a better run on me.

As he pulled alongside on the left I gave him *just* enough room in the hope heíd pull back before the run to Spoon or heíd have me. But as it turns out I didnít give him enough room and the poor bugger skimmed the grass resulting in a spin. If there was contact I honestly donít know, but it was my fault. I continued on to a podium.

In the lobby he had some choice words for me. Another Australian player. I felt genuinely sorry, so I sent him a message via PSN to apologise. He explained that it was the third race in a row that heíd been taken out. Surprisingly, he then sent me a friends request, so now weíre chums on GT Sport :)

February 25th, 2020, 09:39 PM
Tried to help Cuda with a tow after I ended up in front of him in a qualifying session, but my laps were junk and I pretty much ended up in the way by the end of it. I realized once we got to the race that my brake balance had reset to 0 so the car wasn't handling like I wanted it to.

Had a later race where I qualified 5th, made it up to 3rd, as far back as 6th, eventually ended up right back in 5th. Another good points haul.

February 26th, 2020, 12:08 PM
I much prefer qualifying in my own space but it seems that the slipstream is strong enough in GT:S that you need it for a good qualy spot. So far I'm having a lot of trouble timing it right. Either too far away or too close. Hope I didn't cause you any undue pressure. My plan once I realized early on that Lap 3 wasn't going to be a good one for me was to give you a bump-draft or two at the end.

Interesting - I was running 0 brake bias. I had tried some other settings in practice but went slower on each one. -1 actually seemed to be my favorite but would wear front tires a little faster than I liked. What did you find worked for you? I noticed in the race most guys could outbrake me everywhere, but they could also get a better run through and out of the fast esses where I struggled for front grip (or if I tossed the car it'd get too loose and scrub speed). It's like I can't find the front grip in GT:S that other people can. I made big changes to the FF settings between Nations races yesterday and thought I might have found something, but no, Race 2 was the same story. :) Ever since I gave Sport mode some serious practice I've been thinking there is a secret or two I have yet to unlock in regards to speed in the game. I've tried every trick I know from sims and RL, and some new ones too. So far I haven't figured it out. My friend todally_lit is pretty evenly matched with me on race pace at a lot of combos in GT:S but in RL autox I have a definite speed advantage. Does that mean I should stick to real racing? :lol:

My race 1 was decent. I jumped in with 10m of practice in the F50 and qualified 8th on a sloppy lap. Raced my way to 4th and OK points. I was happy with that given it was my 'practice' race and it seemed hard to pass in this combo. But I felt like if I qualified better I could finish in the top 2 or 3. For the next race I qualified 3rd, then on lap 2(ish) I touched the grass braking for the banked right hander when I was tucked up under the rear wing of the car in front, and fell back 2 or 3 spots after recovering the big slide. I finished 4th again in the end with the same points as before. :lol: I wanted to go again to get that podium but decided I had spent enough time on the game for the day.

Rare White Ape
February 26th, 2020, 02:11 PM
What ABS setting do you use?

It should be on max setting if it isnít already. All the fast guys use it.

I changed from min to max and unlocked 1 sec per lap instantly.

So, ABS is OP, slipstream is OP, but interestingly TC is not OP. Itís actually quite horrible. But I use it because I canít race without it :p

February 26th, 2020, 02:30 PM
ABS is Default for me. I tried Weak ABS a couple years ago and it worked better for some corners, worse for others. Ended up about the same pace for me but harder to get right as often as Default ABS.

TC would be OP if it was as sophisticated as the RL race TC systems.

Rare White Ape
February 26th, 2020, 06:08 PM
Itís got two settings: accelerate or bog.

It actually feels a lot like my Aprilia if you set it to max TC on a wet day. It just stops accelerating if it barely catches a sniff of a puddle!

It needs a two-stage setting. One dial for accel cut and another dial for how much wheel spin you want up until it cuts, so you at least get a chance to play with the right foot before it takes over.

February 26th, 2020, 08:26 PM
About that Aprilia TC.......

It's important ;)

February 26th, 2020, 08:32 PM
Won my FIA race. 7 big points.

Now that I got my life back I need to work on getting my rating up.

February 26th, 2020, 08:39 PM
Interesting - I was running 0 brake bias. I had tried some other settings in practice but went slower on each one. -1 actually seemed to be my favorite but would wear front tires a little faster than I liked. What did you find worked for you?

After my little bit of practice I found brake bias of -3 to be the best for quick laps, so I used that in qualifying. For the race I'd started on -2 then turn it to -1 after a few laps to try and conserve the front tires. However checking some people's streams many of the fact guys were using 0 brake bias.

February 27th, 2020, 04:56 AM
I skipped the Manufacturer's race last night for a break.

BOP has been updated for GT4 cars. The Aston Martin loees a chunk of horsepower, but also loses some weight. Hopefully this will help with tire wear, because losing straoght line speed is going to be a big cut.

February 27th, 2020, 11:15 AM
BoP change details: https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gtsport/news/00_5612949.html

I would also guess that weight affects tire wear. If so, these changes appear to make sense for the most part. Interestingly the NSX is one of the heaviest Gr4 cars.

Rare White Ape
February 27th, 2020, 05:40 PM
Paintjob people:

Would you like a reference for Marlboro orange? Well, you can't have one, because it is outside the normal RGB colour space and your monitor won't display it unless there's an unbroken HDR pipeline between camera and display. Technical guff.

But this may give you some idea. Unless I'm mistaken, these are some aerodynamic parts from around the rear wheel area of a Marlboro Penske IndyCar from the mid-to-late 90s. They feature the famous dayglo orange from the Marlboro livery. GT Sport is able to mostly replicate fluoro colours in the Rec. 2020 colour space, and these parts are a close match for R1 and O1 fluorescent in the colour palette. While this is not an exact match, it is the closest available in GT Sport and if you have an HDR TV you can see how bright this stuff is for yourself. In the last photo I tried to get some blue sky in the same image, which is much, much brighter than what you see on a screen.

We scored these as kids; when the Surfers Paradise race was in its heyday we could tour through pit lane on Monday afternoon, after all the important stuff had been taken back to Brisbane airport and the security detail stood down. The bins were full of discarded racing car parts! I re-discovered them this morning when I was up in my dad's back shed looking for something else.





February 28th, 2020, 07:25 AM
I put in a solid 1.5 hours at big Willow last night. I got down to a 1'13.3. Best possible of a 1'12.7. I have no idea where I am leaving 2 seconds from the fastest guys on the table. I would like to figure that sort of thing out. If maybe I am sighting the corners wrong, or something else.

After the solid hard lapping, I entered the next lobby, was 9th in grid. I knew I just needed to run clean and quick. No fast, nothing crazy. No real race moves. I knew there would be mistakes....and wow.


There were mistakes made

I'll upload the video later

Rare White Ape
February 28th, 2020, 03:03 PM
Heh, nice!

February 28th, 2020, 03:23 PM
Sometimes it can be helpful to watch a couple of the top 10 replays. Some places you can get away with track limits shenanigans that might be surprising, although I wouldn't expect that at Willow Springs. Some of the fast guys also use some interesting techniques that probably wouldn't work so well in real life, like downshifting right before the apex for a bit of extra rotation and immediately upshifting again to be at lower RPM and a higher gear for the exit. That is advantageous in GT:S more often than it would be in RL, I'm pretty sure.

Don't put too much stock in the braking pressure indicator in replays of other players. I'm fairly certain the display ramps up slowly (for unknown reasons) even though they're stomping the pedal in a big braking zone. This slow ramp-up gives the impression they're braking later than they are. This is where the ghost can come in handy.

Rare White Ape
March 9th, 2020, 04:24 AM
Youíre all going to love this weekís daily race C. Itís ten laps of Spa in the Super Formula Toyota, andÖ

Qualifying doesnít seem to matter. Iíve done two races starting 7th and 8th on the grid. Standing start, by the way (use your handbrake button instead of your brake pedal for faster launches). In both races lap 1 was absolute mayhem, which I miraculously managed to avoid, but still ended up 17th by the time we got to Pouhon. People absolutely donít respect your racing space when itís this chaotic.

I then spend the next nine laps gaining back all the positions I lost, and in both races I finished 1 place ahead of where I started!

Itís fun in a sadistic kind of way.

Rare White Ape
March 11th, 2020, 05:35 AM
Whooo man. Ok, so, this Daily Race C is legit fun. Iím absolutely loving it.

Iíve managed to drop 6 tenths off my quali time to a 1:55.779, simply by looking further ahead on the track. Iím pretty sure itís my new peak, but Iím still 1.3 seconds off the top ten for my region.

Still, thatís fast enough to put me 2nd or 3rd on the grid in my races tonight. I did three, but I keep bottling the start :lol:

Race 1 I was hunting first place but spun exiting La Source on lap 2.
Race 2 I jump started and put myself down to 10th before we even got to Eau Rouge.
Race 3 I scored a 5 second penalty when my car made contact with an already spinning car exiting La Source, dropping me from 3rd to 15th as we went up the Kemmel Straight.

Oh boy it was painful to watch the entire field zoom past while I served those five seconds.

But it wasnít all doom and gloom. I finished race 1 in 6th, finished race 2 in 4th after a really good battle through the front-mid pack, and finished race 3 in 3rd, right where I started. (I managed a second place on Monday night too, but it was pretty uneventful, except for when I mistook lap 9 for the final lap, which made lap 10 really interesting).

If you want to make your way through the pack, just wait a while and the seas will part. Half the cars fan out and explore the runoff at Pouhon, and you giggle while you pick off multiple cars in one corner.

After a solid points haul, Iíve now crossed over 40,000 DR. An A+ rating is within reach :D



Put it on the left side of your steering wheel, so that your fingers arenít too busy while youíre flicking up the gears. Overtake is different to DRS; it works on any lap, any distance from a car, and any speed or gear. Itís up to you to use it to get drive out of slow corners or add top speed on long straights. If youíre a few tenths away from a slipstream simply push it for a few seconds and get closer. Or, if the guy behind is approaching your slipstream, give yourself a boost to keep them behind. But beware that it doesnít recharge. Once youíve burned it youíre done.

Rare White Ape
March 11th, 2020, 03:00 PM


Rare White Ape
March 17th, 2020, 06:36 AM
New Mazda GT3... coming in May :up:

Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept

https://scontent.fbne3-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/90277418_10163288915575048_5171640210684903424_o.j pg?_nc_cat=106&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=KNMFBJD9zYYAX9Zg4Cm&_nc_ht=scontent.fbne3-1.fna&oh=31f026634732e3393c052c96af64b57d&oe=5E94FC0F

March 17th, 2020, 08:32 PM
Mazda Aston Martin.

Rare White Ape
March 17th, 2020, 09:21 PM
Mazton Martin?

March 18th, 2020, 05:52 AM
Astroll Martin these days.

Rare White Ape
March 18th, 2020, 06:35 AM
Lawrenceston Marstroll?

March 18th, 2020, 03:48 PM
I'd hit it.

March 18th, 2020, 05:17 PM
Did my first manufacturer race today. First lap, second sector, I get brake checked, then rear-ended. I spin off the track, and lose 20 second to the field.

Oh yeah, I get penalized, brake checked gets away Scot free.

I worked my way up to 17th, I was up to 13th.

DR drops 1k points.

This game is so fucked if you get into a lobby with people who don't know the track or basic mechanics

March 18th, 2020, 06:31 PM
Race 2 I give a guy space, like WAY MORE THAN I SHOULD HAVE, and he blows the turn into me on Lap2 Turn 1. I get penalized and the car spins.

I'm seriously fed up with the SR rank on this game. It needs to be hard to get an SR in the 90+.

These fucking hacks are seriously ruining any sort of joy this game could bring me.

March 18th, 2020, 06:32 PM
Oh, and because of that, I have lost 2500 points in 2 races. I might be done with this game

March 18th, 2020, 08:06 PM
That frustration you feel? That's how I feel about Sebring all the time.

Rare White Ape
March 18th, 2020, 08:33 PM
Tyler, youíre fast.

Why are you not climbing the ladder? You should be killing it.

March 18th, 2020, 10:07 PM
I don't know. That's why I'm so frustrated. I'm getting beat by guys who are slower than me, because they muscle through.

I also just checked, my SR has dropped by 20 points from that race.

Rare White Ape
March 18th, 2020, 11:08 PM
How is your qualifying performance?

Maybe getting to the front early will be your best chance.

And then good race craft to avoid teh puntz after the green flag drops.

March 19th, 2020, 01:24 AM
And maybe cover the inside for a while until you get into higher ranked / higher quality races... Unless you're already in the top split. In which case, um, qualify better and pray. :lol: No but really, it's usually pretty decent in the top split at least 50% of the time.

Rare White Ape
March 19th, 2020, 02:20 AM
Yeah covering the inside is a good strat, but it isn't foolproof. It works well in close situations where relative speeds are similar, but at longer distances you're still at risk of a malicious mega-punt.

For people struggling, here's a YT channel you want to watch. Rory Alexander is by his own admission a very average driver, but he works really hard with what he has to make the most of the chances he is given. His race coverage is brilliant to watch, even if he comes last! Over the last few weeks he set himself the goal to get to an A+ rating, and having achieved that he is now aiming to get into top split. The last GT Sport video he made was uploaded a week ago, and you'll want to go back through his recent videos to get an idea of how he plans and conducts his races. He is very open and honest about his own shortcomings and that helps him find the areas where he can improve.

It's good stuff to watch. Here's a vid!


March 19th, 2020, 10:44 AM
How is your qualifying performance?

Maybe getting to the front early will be your best chance.

And then good race craft to avoid teh puntz after the green flag drops.

The last race I made a small error and cut a corner at one point and was penalized. Then I got a small nudge under braking and slid out into the grass to run slower than my penalized lap. My qual time was a 2'21 because of it.

I'm also an idiot and signed with the Viper, which is probably the worst car for Lago

March 19th, 2020, 04:11 PM
I am going to put some serious effort into the daily race that is comparable to the FIA races.

Currently running hotlaps on the daily race 2 so I can get a better feel for the car I am running.

Lago Magiorre gpII(sp?). Started out all over the place, barely a clean lap, because I don't know it at all. I put in about an hour and FINALLY was getting the hang of the car again. I went from 2'02 consistent down to a 2'00.8 with a best possible of a 2'00.6. I'm still getting a feeling for the hill banked hairpin. Probably leaving a ton of time there. Honestly, I am just trying to get an idea on what I need to do. That still puts me off the top times by 4seconds. But all of the top times are mid Engined cars, and this track doesn't favor big and heavy FR cars. I should be able to grab a 1'58 if I keep fighting. But I don't know where I will get more time.

The viper is STABLE, and turn in is wonky, my best results have been to brake, ease off while turning in for a little trail braking action scrub down to apex, then feed throttle on corner exit. It's about the only way I can get it to handle at all. I enjoy the car. It's just not an easy vehicle.

I'll try and run some races tonight or tomorrow

Rare White Ape
March 19th, 2020, 05:07 PM
Big Banky Boi is an absolute ripper in VR. A real stomach churner.

In the normal direction, you can brake at the 50 sign. In reverse, it is uphill so you can brake even later.

The track limits are very generous, so use all the concrete on the inside, straighten it out as much as you can, and get on the power early.

My weakness at Maggiore is the other hairpin (which seems to have 40 different lines on entry) and the right-angle corners near the start/finish line.

March 19th, 2020, 07:12 PM
Polyphony has now downgraded Season 1 to exhibition status because the World Tour event at the Nurburgring 24 Hours has been cancelled. So I would start viewing this season as a practice and use it to learn and build yourself up. Take some of the pressure off.

March 19th, 2020, 10:06 PM
Yeah. My ultra-competiveness my be the death of me

March 20th, 2020, 12:24 AM
Look into track limits more as RWA said. Sometimes it pays to watch one or two of the top 10 replays for a time trial to see where and how people are driving. I've seen some crazy track "cutting" that you wouldn't do in real life be OK by the game, and some interesting driving techniques get rewarded sometimes, too.

Rare White Ape
March 20th, 2020, 01:05 AM
and some interesting driving techniques get rewarded sometimes, too.

My favourite, that I've yet to take advantage of, is shifting a gear lower than required to rotate the car for extra turn-in, then immediately shifting up again. For example the T1 hairpin at Spa is a 1st gear entry but 2nd gear exit.

Another is using full ABS (because it's faster) and no TC (because it's faster). I'm weak so I still use TC.

People cite these as examples of GTS not being a true simulator. But all the fast guys do it and you're competing against them and it still comes down to skill so, mmmmeh!

Rare White Ape
March 20th, 2020, 03:47 AM
Speaking of penalties.

There was mention of a boycott of the current FIA series from a few of the big GTS YouTube streamers. Suddenly...


On 20 March, adjustments have been made to the system issuing penalties in the 'Sport' mode and Lobbies of Gran Turismo Sport. The details are as follows:

 - The penalty judgement algorithm in regards to light contacts and collisions between cars during online races has been adjusted.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and want to reassure that we are constantly making improvements to the penalty system.

Thank you for your continued support and please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

March 20th, 2020, 07:15 AM
Yeah. Bump drafting is a 7 second penalty.

March 20th, 2020, 02:22 PM
Also, that adjustment would have saved me some 6 penalties total, as well as my SR.

Back to the grind

Rare White Ape
March 20th, 2020, 02:31 PM
Grind hard, and grind well.

March 20th, 2020, 04:37 PM
TC in GT:S is like a primitive real life street car TC. It thinks it detects a hint of slip so it cuts throttle. It's way too conservative and slow-to-react to be faster than just leaving it off, real car or virtual. Most modern RL racing cars have highly advanced TC (and even some street cars now, like the newest Camaro) that is actually good for fast times and consistency. Until GT:S implements that style of TC, it's definitely faster to have it at 0 and learn to drive that way. It's arguably more fun/pure, too.

March 20th, 2020, 05:13 PM
I only use TC when it gets to some Gr. 1 prototypes and the formula cars.

March 20th, 2020, 05:55 PM
No TC for me

March 21st, 2020, 01:47 PM
What's the easiest way to share a replay, I got completely fucked on a race and I want to show you what I keep dealing with.

March 21st, 2020, 02:07 PM
Use the PlayStation's Share video recording feature and then upload it to YouTube.

March 21st, 2020, 03:28 PM
^^ The creditable response.

Rare White Ape
March 21st, 2020, 03:34 PM
You can also share the replay file to your activity feed, and we can have a play around with it ourselves!

March 22nd, 2020, 12:31 PM
Replay has been shared on my profile.

March 22nd, 2020, 12:32 PM

March 22nd, 2020, 02:25 PM
After multiple races, I've come to the conclusion of just driving the piss out of what I have. Since diving up on people nets me no penalty, but rear-ending people gives me 2-7 seconds worth. I'll just play like they do.

It's shitty, because that's not how racing is supposed to be

March 22nd, 2020, 03:16 PM
I take it the game thought you were brake checking the guy behind you. Since that's not a corner you'd be braking that hard in, the game thought your actions were out of whack. Its an unfortunate incident, but that was an odd circumstance.

The second penalty, I have no clue. Glitch because the car was going through you at the same time you became solid? I generally try to avoid other cars, even if they are "invisible". I've had similar glitches happen before of coming through a car at the wrong second.

March 22nd, 2020, 04:20 PM
That's what I came to the conclusion of after the fact. The rest of the race was just me throwing the car around in frustration.

Currently sitting back at an S rating for SR, my goal by the end of this season is to be an A rated driver and an S for SR. Shouldn't be too bad. But the viper is not the right car for this manufacturer season I feel.

Rare White Ape
March 22nd, 2020, 05:45 PM
A Viper is never the right car ;)

I ran with a Merc AMG in my first season through November/December last year, and finished 2nd in Qld/Gold Coast for Mercedes, as well as 1st place for Mercedes/Gold Coast/Generation 30. Yep I was the fastest old Merc AMG driver in my state!

I then went with Lexus for the most recent exhibition season (not that it mattered because I only did one Nations Cup round...)

The AMG is probably the best bet if you're struggling. It is really good on tyres and fuel and has plenty of straight line speed. Its handing is very friendly; only slightly understeery balanced with good agility. A good pick if you want to give yourself the chance of more success.

Mid-engine cars like the Audi, Porsche and Ferrari are faster, but they're much more sketchy and tend to chew their tyres.

Tree-fiddy-nine and people on other parts of the net will have more info on this than I have.

Rare White Ape
March 22nd, 2020, 06:00 PM
I watched the YouTube version.

I take it the game thought you were brake checking the guy behind you. Since that's not a corner you'd be braking that hard in, the game thought your actions were out of whack. Its an unfortunate incident, but that was an odd circumstance.

I think it might've registered the steering input more than anything. You can see the correction to the left which made contact with the guy in the Audi. If the game reads a steering input towards another car (even if you were swerving out of the way) then it deems the guy who steered to be at fault. That's the way it is understood to work, but the system just lacks context.

The second penalty, I have no clue. Glitch because the car was going through you at the same time you became solid? I generally try to avoid other cars, even if they are "invisible". I've had similar glitches happen before of coming through a car at the wrong second.

I agree with this.

When that yellow car was slowed on the outside, my first instinct was for you to be more aggressive and follow the Renault past on the right... could've avoided the first penalty at least.

It's hard to make quick decisions like this in the heat of the moment and we aren't all Terminators on the inside. Except for Bryan. I think he is secretly a T1000 who's assumed the form of CudaMan.

March 22nd, 2020, 11:00 PM
The second penalty was for sure from coming out of ghosting while "in" another car, registering a "collision" to the system. You can even hear it from the chase view. Because of the hit and the speed differential, your car ghosts again immediately, so it probably wasn't clear while driving that this was the reason for the 5 second penalty. 99% of the time in the top splits the ghosted car will move off line before entering the penalty zone. Or if they don't, the approaching cars will.

The first one is just unfortunate circumstance. Chalk it up to a learning experience and move on. :)

The penalty system is far from perfect, but with a few bits of awareness and some other good players around you (bet you will find more as you rank up) it's pretty tolerable and a heeeeck of a lot better than no penalty system at all. It was actually a lot better a year ago. I think the developers/code have gone down a road that hasn't been fruitful.

Rare White Ape
March 22nd, 2020, 11:59 PM
Some people are throwing around rumours that the current phase is seeing PD use GTS as a beta platform for the next gameís penalty system.

If so, it sucks, and it would be nice of them to inform us.

But I donít think itís true.

March 23rd, 2020, 09:44 AM
Bah. I had a big response all types up.

Ultimately, I agree and that is a learning process.

Recap, Friday, I dropped down to a 10.9k driver score. I was 21k back in December. So I have been brutalized with this rule change. I'll get it figured out. I did manage to claw my way back up to 13.9 only to have a bad race during the manufacturer cup, and then battled back up to 13.5.

I'll be running laps for practice tonight, probably do a mini race test with tire wear, etc. Also.

March 23rd, 2020, 09:46 AM
Also, in one of the manufacturer races last night, I had some EXCELLENT battles and position changes. All clean for like 5 laps, then I clipped a curb and at 130R and it went downhill FAST.

From 4th to 13th, then a few taps and I ended up in 17th....onward

Rare White Ape
March 23rd, 2020, 02:36 PM
Oh man, I know it sounds churlish to say this but Iíd love to do a few races in the 10-20k bracket :D

Start from the back and do a last-to-first challenge.

March 23rd, 2020, 06:42 PM
You would THINK that is possible. But some of these guys....they don't look.

March 23rd, 2020, 07:12 PM
Too guys at the RBR in the rain are running 1'38.0-1'38.6

I'm currently sitting at a 1'40.9. Current best possible time is 1'40.7. I need to work on my trail braking, alot. This car requires it to keep turn in during decel sweepers and such. I know I have about 0.5 out there. In my head that's my ideal spot with my current spot, but I know there is more out there.

Currently 1st in Missouri! Probably only like 3 people.

Dodge is at the bottom of the pile, but I'm ok with that. The top guy for Dodge scored 300+ points, so that tells me there is pace for last round. I just need to find it.

March 24th, 2020, 05:15 PM
Currently picking people off left and right on the gr3 Suzuka race. The viper handling character is just so good for it.

I keep having small touches that are barely making sound and aren't even changing the other cars trajectory. But still getting 1sec penalties here and there. Most recent one was another driver coming out of 130r became object fixated on me, and tagged me, I was pushed a little wide, but still made the corner. Penalized. He spun the following lap and gave me my position back. Sadly, I had given him enough room to tuck in and save the penalty, but alas. It all worked out in the end.

I've gone from a 99 to a mid 80s, but I could easily draw it up on the one make race, where the cars don't have differences and I can really shine.

Up to 15.4k in DR. That's almost 5k din Dr in just a few days.

March 24th, 2020, 06:40 PM
If anyone wants to watch me make a fool of myself by sticking to the wrong car, I'm broadcasting my 2nd attempt at the Nations Cup race today.


March 24th, 2020, 07:08 PM
I joined right before the start of qualifying.

March 25th, 2020, 07:38 AM
Nice race! You fast.

March 25th, 2020, 08:16 AM
Yeah, certainly looks more fun than the races I have. Saw some drivers in the rear view run off at Hawthorn but no distinct punts.

March 25th, 2020, 10:41 AM
That's was a really good race to watch, I still don't know how the one peugeot, Red whatever, didn't get a penalty.

I'm currently preparing for the manufacturer race tonight, it's at RBR in the wet, currently running a 1'40.6. My ideal lap time is 1'40.1. I would really like it to be under 1'40 by the time the races start. I also need to work on my mistakes. I know during the race, I won't be trying to run fastest lap after fastest lap. But I currently am making too many mistakes. 13 clean laps would be huge for me.

March 25th, 2020, 02:17 PM

Out of nowhere, I pull a 1'39.6 and a 1.39.8 within 5 laps of each other.

I had a bobble on the 1'39.8 but the last sector was nearly 0.4 faster than my best.

Rare White Ape
March 25th, 2020, 05:19 PM

You can do 13 clean laps. It's easy as piss. Just hit your braking marker on every single corner.

RBR has 7 distinct braking zones.

7 x 13 = 91

Doesn't matter if your lap time is lower. Just be clean and you'll pass half the field. You got this.

March 25th, 2020, 10:13 PM
I've uploaded my race. Outside of one brain fart, during an attempted pass I should have avoided, was my only real hiccup if memory serves me. I'll put up the to YouTube tomorrow. It has been shared to my feed.

I feel I did really well overall. Set fastest lap, and move up a place. I had one contact, with a 4sec penalty because the group of them I front broke 10 meters or so earlier than normal, even for the draft we had been in.

March 26th, 2020, 07:20 AM
Should've just braked 10 feet sooner and threw yourself in a sand trap.

March 26th, 2020, 09:09 AM
That was so bizarre.

I had more grip, but I just couldn't cope with it.

March 26th, 2020, 07:06 PM
Also, I am trying to figure out how to replicate what the top guys do for good high-speed braking-turn-in.

Best example I can give is Suzuka turns 1and 2. The top 10are getting through sector 1 in 33.3, and my best is 33.9. I know the majority of that is literally just in t1. When I try to replicate what they are doing, braking and turn in, I just completely blow the corner. I am so certain I'm hitting similar points, but they are getting the cars to stop in shorter distances. I'm a bit at a loss. I know I'm not fast enough to be top10, but I feel like I am capable of being within 1 second of #10. That's my goal, at least.

March 26th, 2020, 08:51 PM
How do you have the bias set?

Also, is your ABS set to Default?

Rare White Ape
March 26th, 2020, 08:53 PM
I just watched your Suzuka race.

Brah. That was yours to lose.

And you did!

Mission accomplished :p

March 26th, 2020, 10:02 PM
How do you have the bias set?

Also, is your ABS set to Default?

One to the rear.

Abs on default.

I showed that one, but not the race where I win.

I'll share that tomorrow. Lap 2 turn 1 was.... Interesting, but I gave enough room.

March 28th, 2020, 05:40 PM
Another night, another stream


March 29th, 2020, 07:27 PM
I had a spin on lap one, turn one, down to tenth, battled my way to 6th. Driver number was 5, I netted........8 points on my DR. Lol

March 30th, 2020, 10:28 PM
I signed up for an endurance race in GT Sport from someone I follow on Instagram, 300km of Group C cars at Fuji. I'll probably stream it Saturday night. Not sure about the strength of the field but it'll be nice to do something different. I'll be running a Porsche 962C.

Rare White Ape
March 31st, 2020, 01:32 AM
Ugh. God I hate Fuji. This weekís daily race C has Fuji and Iím avoiding it.

March 31st, 2020, 08:27 AM
Fuji sucks.

March 31st, 2020, 05:11 PM
It's not my favorite either but it's grown on me over the years. Once you master the second half of the track, it's fun. I do prefer the shorter version without the tight chicane though.

April 1st, 2020, 07:48 PM
Matt, sorry we just missed you tonight. You kept joining/quitting right before we started the last race. We have a group Tyler and I run with every Wednesday night in a public lobby. Had some quick folks in there tonight. I will post a reminder here next week.

April 1st, 2020, 07:52 PM
No worries, I had an early end to the night for FIA races and just happened to drop it but it wouldn't let me connect. I figured you guys were done for the night.

April 4th, 2020, 03:52 PM

Here is my Group C Fuji 300km with a very international and varied group of drivers. With practice and qualifying, should run for approximately 2 hours.

April 8th, 2020, 10:10 AM
Matt, sorry we just missed you tonight. You kept joining/quitting right before we started the last race. We have a group Tyler and I run with every Wednesday night in a public lobby. Had some quick folks in there tonight. I will post a reminder here next week.

Here are the details for tonight if anyone wants to drop in:

8pm eastern
Lobby is called “Kansas City Shuffle.”
Car class for tonight is N400 w/BoP on. Sport tires.
If you want in on the party chat send me (dodint) a message and I'll forward a message to the host (z-nigma) to have you added.
Send me a friend request if you haven't already and you can just find the lobby that way.

We pick one class of car and run 4-5 lap sprint races on different tracks. We vote on the tracks in between rounds, run about 2 laps of qualifying, and then race. Rinse, repeat.
It's a mix of fast guys and newer folks, but everyone there are real life racers/autocrossers that run clean.

April 9th, 2020, 06:40 AM
We capped off our night with a 3 lap run at the 'Ring with Gr.3 cars. The359 dropped in and put down a blistering lap, that was cool.

Why did you pit though? Just for the challenge of working through the field?

April 9th, 2020, 08:06 AM
Pretty much. At the end of Lap 1 I was about 13 seconds ahead, I didn't want to have a boring race like that.

April 9th, 2020, 08:16 AM
The circumstances were not great for you to join at that point. We do reverse grid based on the last race winner. New joins are placed on pole. So you started up front in first, a random joiner who eventually rage quit started second, and I started third because I blew it out of my ass at Suzuka the race prior. The guy in the field that would have been most likely to challenge you started second to last.

You piqued his interest though and really wishes he would have been able to follow you because you were gaining big chunks of time on him in certain corners. He's a former pro driver that runs Track Night in America and the new TT program.

April 9th, 2020, 09:24 AM
I've come to the conclusion, I'm not good at jumping from track to track, and car to car.

I still had a good time overall.

April 9th, 2020, 09:27 AM
I'm not. That's why I decided to stick with the F40 through N400 and then the Z4 through the Gr.3 stuff.

I practiced at Tskuba in the F40 and won that race. I came in dead last by like a 45 seconds at Suzuka in the Z4.

April 9th, 2020, 12:26 PM
Yeah, I knew starting up front was going to be unfair, I got the lead going into the first few corners and once I started pulling away, I figured Id take the stop to spice things up. I think I made up 20+ seconds on the leaders in the final two laps.

I was also on a hot streak with the Aston, I had just finished my FIA GT race going from 17th to 4th just before I joined.

April 14th, 2020, 06:01 PM
Doing my FIA races for the night, Group 1 at Red Bull Ring, manage to put the car on pole...game promptly crashes in the pre-race build-up. :| This game knows how to beat me up.

MR2 Fan
April 14th, 2020, 07:58 PM
so I'm WAAAAY late to the party, but I bought a PS4 (mostly because FF7R came out), but I also bought GT Sport.

First: the new menu scheme and various "points" systems are too annoying IMO and is starting to suffer from the other things we see in mobile games....or as I like to think of it as...."Casinofying" the game with lots of shiny things, power ups, awards, etc.

Anyway, I do think they've upped the realism of the heaviness feeling of the vehicles. I am disappointed in the way it does "upgrades" now as that was such a big part of previous games, now it seems like an afterthought.

Those are my thoughts for now...at least they have my favorite car in the game :D

April 15th, 2020, 10:57 AM
Meanwhile, I've got 0 relevant to me cars in game.

April 15th, 2020, 07:53 PM
MR2 Fan, i'm seriously hoping that the proper car upgrades system will be returning in the next proper GT game. I suspect a lot of things that we find are different in GT Sport are that way because it was mainly meant to be used for online racing?
So it would be great if we get our old GT familiarities back with GT7. :up:

GT Sport is looking to be the only GT game i won't finish 100% (well, in terms of the platinum trophy anyway). GT1 i've also not finished, but that's because the handling is too hard and i only bought it when i already had GT2, GT3 etc already and was looking to complete the collection.

And in terms of relevant cars or favourite cars in GT Sport, it's got my all time fave the Ferrari F50, plus the Diablo GT, R32 Skyline GT-R and a couple of others - so other than the SL55 AMG and a few more, it has most of the cars i love.

April 16th, 2020, 05:29 AM
So I decided to mostly avoid last night's FIA races because, not only was I burnes out, but the Gr.4 Manufacturers race winning strategy was actually to ignore the requirement to use all three tire compounds and just run Softs for the whole race and take the 20 second penalty because pit stops at Laguna Seca take forever for some reason, and my car would never be competitive under those conditions.

Do instead I hung out in Nate and Tyler's room taking a casual breather, and it was nice to just have none of it matter. Obviously it was a bit of beating up on people, but at least I got a lot of practice on passing and avoiding other cars. Plus it is a challenge to drive while laughing so hard...

Highlights were a spec Miata race at the Nurburgring and Super GT cars at Spa.

April 16th, 2020, 06:05 AM
Yeah, was cool to see you show up early. The reverse gridding is great for the casual atmosphere that we have. Normally I don't leave that group so early but another group we hang out with was doing a Spec Miata TC series that started at 9pm and a lot of us migrated there. I felt a little bad for ditching Pete but I'm much better in slow cars and didn't mind stepping away from the Gr.2/3 stuff for a few hours.

Spa was a clusterfuck, the whole field seemed to have crashed at some point on the first lap, and they were not multi-car accidents for the most part. I had a bad accident coming onto the Kemmel Straight in lap one and caught up to you by the time we got to start/finish so you know things went really wrong for everyone.

Rare White Ape
April 16th, 2020, 06:28 AM
Iíve had a short sabbatical and now Iím back! So my driver rating is dying :lol:

But you know what?

There are lots of people worse than me at the back end of those grids. It seems for them, if youíre not fast enough just swerve all over the track.

April 16th, 2020, 06:31 AM
Yeah, was cool to see you show up early. The reverse gridding is great for the casual atmosphere that we have. Normally I don't leave that group so early but another group we hang out with was doing a Spec Miata TC series that started at 9pm and a lot of us migrated there. I felt a little bad for ditching Pete but I'm much better in slow cars and didn't mind stepping away from the Gr.2/3 stuff for a few hours.

Spa was a clusterfuck, the whole field seemed to have crashed at some point on the first lap, and they were not multi-car accidents for the most part. I had a bad accident coming onto the Kemmel Straight in lap one and caught up to you by the time we got to start/finish so you know things went really wrong for everyone.

Yeah, I think someone lagged and I got taken out at one point during Lap 1, put me way back. Everyone seemed to not like the Gr.2 cars, yet I think I'm the opposite, I actually find them easier to handle than the Gr.3 cars.

Spec Miata is always good though, we ran those at Tsukuba and the Nurburgring.

Rare White Ape
April 16th, 2020, 06:33 AM
Also for some reason my Fanatec wheel decided to change all of its settings. Iíd made a profile for Forza 7 last week and it looks like it copied it to every preset.

Yeah Iím blaming my tools.

Anyway the moral of the story is never play Forza.

Rare White Ape
April 16th, 2020, 07:05 AM
Everyone seemed to not like the Gr.2 cars, yet I think I'm the opposite, I actually find them easier to handle than the Gr.3 cars.

Youíve gotta drive Gr.2 cars almost like a Super Formula and rely on aero.

April 16th, 2020, 07:11 AM
My experience with Gr.2 is that they corner well thanks to the aero but it doesn't seem to translate to braking in the same way. Lots of people in the group kept blowing braking points in the first race. In practice you saw me blow the final chicane. It took me about 4 laps to get it right.

April 16th, 2020, 07:40 AM
I heard people saying that their braking points were changing from lap to lap, but I honestly have never seen that being any different with Gr.2 compared to any other car in the game. But this may just be my experience talking. If anything it could simply be not taking into account the tire wear, since 5 laps of Spa is much longer than 5 laps of Suzuka.

My problem, as you probably saw at Suzuka, was simply exiting corners too fast and getting wheels onto the astroturf or curbing, especially at Spoon Curve.

I think Super Formula is a whole different animal because it is twitchy and it is much more difficult to be smooth and hit your marks with something like that, while Gr.2 you can still drove like a GT car, just with the added confidence of downforce.

Rare White Ape
April 16th, 2020, 08:48 AM
Yeah I think a lot of people might be expecting a GT3 style driving experience and not allowing for aero. I know I was for a while before they clicked for me.

Plus they seem to feel very light so can get out of shape quickly. Thatís probably why I see them as more SF19 and less GT3.

April 16th, 2020, 08:53 AM
Sounds like Tyler's evening. He prides himself on not using TCS. Keeps looping the car, swearing at everyone in voice chat. Rage quits.

April 16th, 2020, 09:25 AM
I was driving like absolutely shit last night.

I don't understand what I was doing different from when we ran at spa back in December.

I had way more fun with the miatas. Going 4+ wide at Andretti Hairpin was just a hoot.

April 16th, 2020, 09:32 AM
Honestly I was awful last night too. I'm never 'good' in that crowd, but something just wasn't clicking for me in either series.

April 16th, 2020, 09:49 AM
I was driving like absolutely shit last night.

I don't understand what I was doing different from when we ran at spa back in December.

I had way more fun with the miatas. Going 4+ wide at Andretti Hairpin was just a hoot.

Either a physics change in the game updates, or the BOP in the class changed. Having a car that is suddenly faster or heavier can mess with your muscle memory.

April 19th, 2020, 11:53 AM
I'm curious, why they continue to put fun cars, on shit tracks.

Miata on Tokyo expressway

All of the tokyo tracks are absolute shit.

April 19th, 2020, 01:04 PM
I enjoy some of the Tokyos. Central Inner Loop is nice if you have some people that can handle close battles. Both East Loops make for some good strategic battles. South is a mixed bag.

April 19th, 2020, 08:55 PM
Photobomb time, bishes.
Got back into it the other night after months of taking no pics. Then took some crappy Supra photos the next morning and gave up again. ;)

Happy accident

What i was trying to capture, to get the 'Team Joest Audi' trophy, well actually i didn't save the pic that got me the trophy, of the earlier model going through the pits.

And what i took to get the Grp.3 BMW at the Nurb trophy

I really like this photo, except for the reflections, which obviously we can't do much about since it's a photograph, so in that sense they've still done a damn good job of scapes mode

How do you get rid of the attachment below?

April 19th, 2020, 08:58 PM
Secret tuner shop?

And with deeper colours (aka bleach filter)

Quite like this pic. Originally had it so they looked parked, but it didn't seem right, so made them seem like they're passing through

Lambo's in New Zealand

With bleach filter added

April 19th, 2020, 09:03 PM
My goal for this one was to try get headlights shining on all three cars while still having them spaced out. Man.

And the crappy Supra shots. I say crappy, cos i was wanting to do some odd angles, but nothing really turned out looking how i'd hoped.

Possibly looks better than the colour version

Okay, so since when has there been an 'interior' photo location?

Looking out the windscreen at the start of my triple barrel roll. Worth mentioning, because the game didn't reset the car as soon as it went upside down, as per normal. So was a fun ride for once. :D

Roll number one of three

P.S. If you want to crash like this, try to drift around an oval track with steepish banking and 800hp+...

Rare White Ape
April 20th, 2020, 03:38 AM
That photo with the BMW is *excellent*

April 23rd, 2020, 08:02 AM
The latest update has altered the physics of the Gr.2, 3, and 4 cars in the game. Seems to provide more stability for mid-engine cars. Tire wear and fuel economy have also been altered.

April 23rd, 2020, 12:35 PM
Have all the task leaderboards been reset?

MR2 Fan
April 23rd, 2020, 10:40 PM
So why do I get increased weight when "upgrading" weight reduction on some cars?

April 23rd, 2020, 11:02 PM
Upgrading means that you can move the slider further in either direction. I don't know if the upgrade just defaults to adding more weight, but it should still allow you to adjust it.

Unless you're in an event that is running BOP, then the weight is set.

April 24th, 2020, 03:50 PM
Have all the task leaderboards been reset?


Rare White Ape
April 28th, 2020, 04:46 AM
Who’s the king? I finally won an FIA race :)


It was in a lower-ranked lobby tho. My DR is less a reflection of how fast I am, and more of how much effort I’m putting in right now.

But same rules still apply. Practise, qualify well, keep your car pointing in the right direction, hit all your braking points.

I drove it real casual the whole race, being very conservative through the final chicane, but my real weakness at this track (Dragon Trail Gardens reverse) is the long 4th gear multi-apex left in the middle of the lap; I spun it once during the race. My top two rivals were actually faster than me but they made more mistakes, so I didn’t lose much due to the spin.

I got the lead back because of fuel strategy. The leader pitted about three laps before I did and was 4 seconds ahead. Starting on the medium tyres, I went to lap 10 or 11 out of 18 (tank was nearly dry) and put on hards with enough fuel to get it to the end, so I spent more time on the better tyres and less time with a heavier fuel load. I came out in front of 2nd place with a 7-second lead. This checks out because the medium tyres were better by about 2 seconds per lap at my pace; fastest lap was a 1:38.

The tyre wear was almost non-existent for this car. It’s probably even worth it to leave the mediums on and do a fuel-only stop, switching to hards for the final lap.

So there you have it folks, take that knowledge with you and go win some races.

April 28th, 2020, 07:14 PM
Congrats bro. :toast: I've still only qualified 1st once and won one race so far i think.

I can't really handle online racing with randoms ( :random::random::random: ) like that, as my heart rate just goes mental if i'm doing well because i don't know if the guy ahead or behind is going to ram me off the track or not. Usually it results in me making a mistake and ending at the back of the grid. So i still refuse to qualify and start/stay at the back if i think it's too risky.

Whereas racing online with people i 'know' (from forums etc) i don't have anywhere near the heartbeat issues that i do in Sport mode...

Basically it's the Driver Rating/Sportsmanship ratings that are stopping me from trying harder. Miniscule mistakes make them change, and i don't want to end up in the gutter with the rest of the cheaters through no fault of my own.

Rare White Ape
April 28th, 2020, 07:47 PM
I wouldn’t worry too much about that. If your SR is good then you’ll most likely be paired in lobbies with clean drivers, no matter what your skill level is. And if you lose a bunch of SR it only takes a race or two to build it up again.

April 30th, 2020, 05:52 AM
My DR has been fluctuating between A and A+ for the past few weeks. I get into top rooms, do horrible, fall down the standings, then get into a lower room and sneak into a welin or some podiums, and it shoots right back up. It's frustrating to be not good enough to hang with the top tier groups, but too good to deserve to be in the second tier groups.

Rare White Ape
April 30th, 2020, 06:40 AM
Well for me the interesting thing is that you can have a few weeks where you don't gel with the car/track combo or simply hate the track (hello Fuji!) and you just tumble down because you've made your mind up that you can't do it, but then you fall into a week where you kick arse and do extremely well in a particular race.

The week recently with the SF19 at Spa was one of those for me. I was always put top 3 on the grid and was able to pump out consistently fast laps every time, netting myself a few easy podiums.

But here is the interesting part: you gain a lot of DR and so your stats are artificially high, which means you're put into lobbies way faster than you and you feel like an impostor :lol:

Now, there's still no reason to believe that someone couldn't do well if they're in over their head. The week with Monza a fortnight ago was one of those for me; I found myself in a race dominated by a player named VLX_GTR (https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/stats.php?profile=9779388), a scarily quick racer who has won a top split FIA round in the past. His quali time was five seconds faster than mine - enough for 4th in the regional top ten.

But I downloaded his ghost lap and set to work and got myself within 1.2 seconds of his. All I needed was a few strong finishes and I'd have gained a lot of DR, but those never came because other drivers are other drivers, even at the A/A+ level :rolleyes:

I did manage one clean race with a fifth place though, and it felt good. It just requires the hard work needed to knock seconds off your qualifying time, as well as the patience to deal with on-track hazards as they come. Usually it's smarter to just let other cars through to avoid risking the trouble...

As for old mate VLX_GTR, I was on the grid with him again, and you know what? He didn't win every race. He must've been sniped into turn 1 and got held up a few times. He wasn't able to break free and run away with it. It happens to the best of us! I'm sure he just kept out of trouble and made sure it was a clean race, because a 2nd place in a fast lobby is far better than limping into tenth because you lost your cool and spun out.

April 30th, 2020, 11:32 AM
There is a lot of truth there. I had a week where I really hooked up with the Cayman at Willow and my points went from 1 (D) to 12,547 (B). :lol:

May 3rd, 2020, 12:18 PM
I think I have my Gr.3 Aston Martin dialed in nicely, two good races in a row for the Manufacturers championship. First race of the night was a test, finished 3rd because I didn't know what the winning strategy was. Second race, qualified 9th after I got balked, but managed to get the lead, had everything going my way only to mysteriously run out of fuel on the last corner, which I still can't explain. Finished 3rd again.

Knew I had a good shot at a win, but of couse I managed to move up into a higher quality room. Qualified 11th after a poor lap, but I started on Softs while most everyone else started on Mediums. Passed everyone to get the lead in 5 laps, but some of the more fuel efficent cars were able to slip by in pit stops so I settled for yet another 3rd place.


Rare White Ape
May 4th, 2020, 04:04 AM
Ooof. Iíve just had amazing race but got taken out from the lead. Lobby full of 1:07 qualifiers.

SF19s at Laguna Seca, 15 laps.

It maaaay be possible to zero-stop this race on hard tyres. I was experimenting with this tactic since I had started 8th.

The leaders pitted and me plus the guy who started 6th were 1-2. He eventually spun, and then I got stuck behind a lapped car. Itís so frigging hard to pass here in dirty air and lapped cars are a bane.

The effective leader (started first then pitted) caught me up, then we had a battle on our hands. He couldnít pass me for the reason stated above, but ended up taking me out twice. First time he did the right thing and let me back through. Second time the field had caught us and I placed fifth.

I had to splash-and-dash on lap 14 anyway.

Next timeÖ

Rare White Ape
May 4th, 2020, 04:25 AM
Posting again to confirm that this can be won with a zero-stop strategy, but not by me.

Someone faster than me had the same idea :p

May 4th, 2020, 01:25 PM
Is that a daily race? Sounds like a great opportunity for some CART style action.

Rare White Ape
May 4th, 2020, 02:04 PM
It is.

Be warned itís suuuuuper hard. Full concentration for 15 laps. And the cars are very different to the heavier GT cars.

Qualifying near the top is very important. Youíll gain time at turns 4 and 6 by slightly lifting and floating through in 5th gear. No brakes! The rest is just a matter of resetting your brain and cornering really precisely.

But during the race if you can keep it off the gravel you will do well. Everyone will start on medium tyres. Like I said last night, fuel save for a few laps while youíre caught in someoneís dirty air, then go flat out when they inevitably pit. If youíre within 10 seconds of the leader you will leapfrog them.

This tactic will work until everyone cottons on to it.

May 4th, 2020, 07:26 PM
This car is a sweetheart ❤️

May 6th, 2020, 05:01 PM
Had a few bobbles in the Daily race C. Ultimately climbed 9 positions and finished 3rd.

I netted 2k DR points from that race.

Why is it, I'm good at what should be a hard race, but the street stuff, I suck at?

May 9th, 2020, 03:58 PM

Streaming another endurance race in GT Sport. McLaren F1 GTRs at Le Mans for 2 hours.

May 10th, 2020, 07:27 PM
Random information; I've been logging into the game daily lately to max out that ingame achievement, and at first i was doing career mode races (in order to also get the daily mileage/free car) but lately i've been creating custom races against the AI, always 20 car grids, and often on tracks i dislike/haven't driven on before, and then end up usually liking the track i wasn't fond of before because over the 10-20 laps i did of it i understood it better and got a good sense of braking points, racing lines etc.

So classic Goodwood i no longer dislike, plus Circuit de Sainte-Croix B and Sardegna - Road Track - B i've come to really enjoy.

Stupidly though, yesterday i decided to do 15 laps of SSRX in a Mercedes AMG racecar, which had a top speed of 317 or so after fully upgrading it. So that turned into a hour and a half long race... for 144,000cr. :(

Have also done 20 laps Willow Springs's Horse Thief Mile in a Mustang GT with 20 cars, was a nice race. I still think it's weird seeing 20 cars on a track in a GT game, it just seems like too many, after years of so few!

Rare White Ape
May 18th, 2020, 02:25 AM
This weeks Faily Race 2 is at Spa, only three laps.

Theyíve moved the penalty zone to right at the bottom of Eau Rouge. Itís the worst spot possible.

Anyway, big question: do I try get my rating back up over 40,000 or do I let it tank further and have some fun with the plebs? Iím currently at 33,000.

Rare White Ape
May 21st, 2020, 07:00 PM
Mazda's new RX Vision GT3 Concept hits today. There's a bit of a marketing push behind it, which includes a livery contest with some strange rules. Hopefully they clarify.


Warm up your livery editors.

May 21st, 2020, 11:14 PM
What is confusing?

Rare White Ape
May 22nd, 2020, 12:12 AM
The stuff about limiting the use of some logos or art from other users.

May 22nd, 2020, 04:55 AM
In other words they want to be able to use it in advertising material without having to get a bunch of clearances from different people.

May 22nd, 2020, 06:55 AM
Basically you're limited solely to Mazda logos, and possibly Michelin. So they are wanting something more artistic than an authentic race car.

I believe they also don't want you using other people's uploads.

May 30th, 2020, 06:19 PM
Made it into the Top 16 Allstars race for the Manufacturers Series, which is odd since I'm 37th, but qualified at the back and spun out at Turn 1 Lap 1, finished way way back. Can't wait to see that stream online with commentary :|

Rare White Ape
June 4th, 2020, 06:19 PM
Get them into ya!




Whoever is going the graphic design for Porscheís race cars deserves a medal.

Rare White Ape
June 21st, 2020, 06:36 AM
Grabbed a couple of dubyas tonight at Monza :D

Here's one of my winning passes. You've got to *hug* that sausage.



It capped off a solid week for me. I set a quali time on Monday night that was in the top ten for about an hour. I'm pretty bloody happy with that.


Rare White Ape
November 12th, 2020, 11:51 AM
Thereís an update coming to GTSport this week. Itís pretty obvious that itís a Yaris GR.


Kaz via Twitter says ďIt's been a while since I've seen a car exciting as this.Ē

Mate, calm your farm. Itís not exactly a 1982 Porsche 944 in white with houndstooth trim on the seats.

November 12th, 2020, 12:43 PM
Isn't it one of the most successful Japanese racecars ever, though?

November 12th, 2020, 04:18 PM
Isn't it one of the most successful Japanese racecars ever, though?


February 24th, 2021, 09:51 AM
I'm having a hard time finding detailed info on the non-eSports aspects of GTS (was holding trying out for the PS5 and GT7):
What's it like solo? I hear the career mode that was added in is barebones and there's very little upgrading

It's only $10 on the PSN, so that's a no-brainer, but I'd need to get a PS4 first (feels like there were better deals a year or two ago, for both new and used consoles)

February 24th, 2021, 11:00 AM

I completely worded that out of my ass. I meant to say that the Yaris GR has been one of the most successful turn-key racecars from a Japanese manufacturer in terms of units sold. That was the source of its relevance to a racing game.

Rare White Ape
February 24th, 2021, 01:58 PM
I'm having a hard time finding detailed info on the non-eSports aspects of GTS (was holding trying out for the PS5 and GT7):
What's it like solo? I hear the career mode that was added in is barebones and there's very little upgrading

It's only $10 on the PSN, so that's a no-brainer, but I'd need to get a PS4 first (feels like there were better deals a year or two ago, for both new and used consoles)

Yeah it's worth your time. A 2nd-hand PS4 and a $10 copy of GTS is a good entry fee.

There are no visual upgrades apart from the livery editor and ability to change wheels.

But you can get performance upgrades by spending mileage points (which you earn by driving) on three-stage power increase and weight reduction. You are given a slider that then adjusts the percentage of each of those metrics. Elsewhere within the car setup screen you can change suspension upgrades, gearbox type, diff, etc. which will unlock the ability to adjust your suspension, gear rations, diff behaviour, all that guff.

So it's not as deep or personalised as regular GT, but you can still do what you need in order to make a few hotrods and experiment with them. But that marries up with the ranked online portion of the game being very focused on fixed-class racing where you cannot make any adjustments and it all comes down to your driving skill and, in longer races, your race strategy.

The singleplayer portion of the game has all the usual things: Arcade mode, 2-player, time trial, photo mode, drift mode, etc. There is a career mode with four tiers of difficulty that unlock as your level increases. They start with the familiar beginner races like 2-lap jaunts in the Sunday Cup, through the usual themed events such as the FR cars, mid-engined cars, exotic road cars, Nissan GT-Rs, boxer-engined cars, then up to full 1-hour races in LMP1, GT3, etc.

If you're not racing online then you're up against the AI, which is terrible as usual. To put yourself on a level playing field you could do the game of trying to find the under-powered car and matching your lap times. By now there will be plenty of hints and tips online on the best cars to use in this way.

Outside of career mode there are also driving challenges that take the place of the usual licence tests, and they have been expanded to also include mission races which can be quite fun as they put you in a situation where you need to really drive quite well (for example: start in last position and win the race within 10 laps), as well as circuit experience, which focus on teaching you each individual track. They all award a good haul of cash for spending on your garage too, so don't ignore those.

And to get the most out of the game, you HAVE to have your PS4 connected to the internet, as all of your progress in career mode and with your driver profile is saved in TEH CLOUD. Thankfully you don't need to pay for a PS+ subscription for this. But you do get access to the online livery and logo marketplace, which is also free, and essential of you're into making your own liveries like I am, as well as sharing photos and replays. The game has received a lot of updates over the initial release, so make sure you grab all of those added cars and tracks (also free) because they have been added into the career mode over time as well.

So all-in-all I recommend the game, especially at a low cost of entry. I personally think GTS is better than GT6, and the things we lost in GTS were made up for by the increased focus of the game into eSports as I have had a brilliant time in Sport mode ranked lobbies. It's the best online racing available on a console, and to do better you need to invest heavily into iRacing on PC.

February 24th, 2021, 02:07 PM
Sweet, very in-depth (more useful info than the dozens of articles and videos I've come across)
You even answered questions I didn't think to ask (PS+, free cars/tracks as opposed to microtransactions, ...)
Thank you!

Rare White Ape
February 24th, 2021, 06:35 PM
No worries mang. I hope I have convinced you to give it a try.

February 25th, 2021, 08:01 AM
Best served with a racing wheel though.

I run in a few leagues and wheels just make it more fun.

February 25th, 2021, 08:07 AM
Thanks RWA, I'm certainly convinced on getting Gran Turismo Sport, just want to find a PS5 at MSRP or a decent price on a PS4 (looked back, there definitely were much better deals last year).

Rare White Ape
February 25th, 2021, 01:42 PM
Best served with a racing wheel though.

I run in a few leagues and wheels just make it more fun.

I agree. Itís much better with a wheel. But it is also the best title if youíre in a controller. It has given me just a little bit of what I need with my non-bending knee situation.

(I almost spent $1200 yesterday on a new rig with easier access to the pedals)

March 28th, 2021, 01:17 PM
Finally got GTS and a PS4.
Bunch of minor complaints (some of which would be super-easy fixes), but overall it looks great, sounds great and plays great.
Feels more like a sequel to FM6 rather than GT6.

MR2 Fan
August 21st, 2021, 04:32 PM
If anyone cares, the new GR86 is in GT Sport now

Rare White Ape
February 26th, 2022, 01:43 AM
GT7 comes out in less that a week (can you believe it?) so I decided to unpack my PS4 and get it ready in anticipation of the new game coming out. GT Sport was still in the disc drive so what better chance to play that for a bit one last time? It's been a year since I signed up to iRacing and rocked my own world, and longer still since I last played GTS. I dutifully updated all my software and removed the USB cable for my Fanatec gear from my PC and sent it across to the PS4.

For shits and giggles I entered a daily race in the Gr.3 cars, an intense four-lapper around Dragon Trail Seaside. I thought to myself that having a year of iRacing under my belt would serve me very well and I'd easily win a race, because these PlayStation n00bs don't know a thing about how to handle a race car. Boy was I wrong. What I encountered was a field of players who've played nothing but GT Sport for the whole time I was away and knew how to handle a race car. A GT Sport race car.

GT Sport race cars feel different to iRacing race cars. The FFB is mush and the handling is... OK at best. There is no doubt some magic under the bonnet that I haven't been able to tap into since getting so used to iRacing that any other game feels weird. But the arcadeyness kills me! Rather than being left frustrated by my lack of skill I was left giggling after seeing how collisions affect each car and the weirdness of what happens when someone finally convinces the physics engine that they should spin out. I watched a man squeeze the hell out of another car against a grassy verge (a reportable intentional wreck in iRacing). It took about 150 meters, but that other car eventually spun out and turned into a ghost, then I drove through it to take the spot, then it managed to right itself and the driver passed me back on the very same lap.

On the last lap my Honda NSX GT3 was punted by a guy driving a Volkswagen Beetle when he used his front bumper to lean against my rear wheel while entering a fast kink (another reportable incident in iRacing) rather than waiting for the next hairpin to make an easy clean pass for 14th place. I spun then got magically reset onto the track just in time for the Corvette GT3 in last place to freak out and dodge my ghostly apparition and hit a wall himself. Nearing the end of the lap I overcooked the infamous Chicane of Death and smashed into the wall. Rather than having the left side of my car destroyed I merely bounced off it and lost my exit speed, and old mate in his Corvette took advantage to take my spot.

I finished last. After that I did a few AI races on the two little oval tracks included in the game and decided that I am OK with people - other people - playing GT Sport if they want to. I am sure GT7 will be great but I won't be playing that in any serious way on the internet!

April 11th, 2022, 01:00 AM
Here's my absolute favourite sections of the Nordschleife. When you're in the right car, like this Porsche, and can nail most of the corner apexes right while going full bore and staying relatively/mostly on the track while using the whole track, it gives a great feeling of satisfaction. :cool: I also love this section because of all the bumps too, and how it can unsettle the cars.

Of course, i had to ruin that momentum eventually, watch the whole vid. ;) I'm a bit rusty, as only did this the other day and haven't driven this Porsche for a good year or so prior.

I'll also take this moment to reiterate, that i'm so glad they bought back and massively improved all the backfire pops and bangs and other such racecar-ey sounds.