View Full Version : Ripping CDs

Tom Servo
May 5th, 2016, 06:38 PM
I'm noticing that my blu-ray drive seems really intolerant of scratches on CDs when I'm trying to rip them to the hard drive. I just got my wife a used, out of print CD from a band she grew up with that plays just fine in her car stereo, but when I try to play it on the optical drive, it's just constant skipping. Anyone have any recommendations on optical drives that can handle scratched discs?

May 6th, 2016, 01:46 AM
I don't know about drives but I have had decent results with disc polishers that remove scratches.

May 6th, 2016, 05:00 AM
Check few forums. I think the cheaper and more no-name the drive, the more luck you'relikely to have.