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February 2nd, 2014, 10:00 AM
May as well have their own thread.

I'm liking the GT86 at Trial Mountain myself, got to 1'36.545 so far, 2229th in the rankings.
I tried tuning the suspension myself, but was much better just using the fixed racing soft kit.
Full weight reduction, all 6 gear ratios closed right up.

February 13th, 2014, 12:58 PM
Rocket at Suzuka - 2'10.599

Quite fun - to start with I was overdriving the car, sliding it around like an FR, but I calmed down and drove it within it's slip 'window', and it became pretty sweet.
I just added power to 590pp, fixed the gearing, upgraded brakes and clutch, but left the suspension alone. I may try suspension tuning next.

February 13th, 2014, 01:34 PM
G37 at Streets of Willow - 1'12.977
Full weight reduction and custom suspension tune.

February 14th, 2014, 11:08 AM
BTW, for the Lancer at Chamonix, the EVO VIII RS '03 is apparently the car to use - way more grip than the Evo III I started out with. 1'19.5xx

March 26th, 2014, 11:28 PM
Doing the Tii on Madrid, and after 2 hours of fighting to get gold I watched the leader. Noticed the use of skid recovery force, turned mine on, and proceeded to cut 2 seconds off in 2 laps. Its an entire different physics engine.

March 27th, 2014, 09:42 AM
Skid recovery force? Is it more than just an advanced stability control?

March 27th, 2014, 10:55 AM
Apparently. I was consistently braking 30-40meters deeper than I had been. I could get on throttle sooner and faster also.

March 27th, 2014, 02:23 PM
Its an entire different physics engine.

Nods, it's like nothing that could be implemented in reality.

I never use it, I don't mind how many people go faster than me with 'drift physics' aka SRF, I'm happy to gold them with 'real' physics.

March 27th, 2014, 02:39 PM
Yeah. It's crazy different. I should pull out the wheel and see the difference in feeling.

March 27th, 2014, 04:27 PM
I obviously haven't played this in forever (I simply got bored :o) but I seem to remember that many of the seasonal events (like the M4 for instance), you couldn't turn that off (or maybe it was just the regular TC) even if you wanted to. Perhaps they changed that in a update?

April 24th, 2014, 03:35 PM
Did a couple of the events last night. Like the new Supra/FT-14087834018940fod%%fhiuwy_fo378 event and gave that up when i got a quicker time than everyone, and raced myself on the GT-R seasonal and i think i did another one but couldn't catch the faster peeps. Ahhhh, yeah the Land Rover Evoque one. Didn't tune the car, hence why i couldn't get a great time.

May 19th, 2014, 05:28 PM
The new seasonal has the BMW Vision IIRC. All you have to do is run a lap, don't have to get Bronze. Comes in 2 colors, Black and then a White with red and blue striping on it. Thats the one I have, the black looks good too. I figured every one would get the black that's why the white.

May 19th, 2014, 10:00 PM
Oh, i got mine in white as didn't realise you could change colours. Oh well. :)

May 31st, 2014, 03:56 AM
Senna Tribute is out and you can win the Go Kart, his Formula 3 car and the Black and Gold Formula 1 cars. IIRC you only have to get a Silver to get the Formula 3 and Formula 1 cars.
Did it last night. The Team Lotus car is available with 2 decal schemes (Team Lotus and one other). The Formula 3 car has just the one, same as the kart.

There is a Mitsubishi Concept car in the DLC (available in 3 colors)

May 31st, 2014, 07:29 PM
Also two new trophies added. One for completing the Senna Events, and one for golding them all. I only have the Brands Hatch race with the F1 car left to gold. :)