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Rare White Ape
March 18th, 2014, 12:20 AM
So hey I'm trying to find the PSN link to pre-order Ground Zeroes for PS3 which comes with the free copy of Peace Walker HD.

I saw it in the store yesterday but she's not there today.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why this might be the case?

Rare White Ape
March 18th, 2014, 10:57 PM

March 18th, 2014, 11:40 PM
Voodoo economics!

Rare White Ape
March 19th, 2014, 05:08 AM
I think I finally found what could be an explanation: the game is delayed in AU and NZ until the 27th, which was revealed yesterday.

But that doesn't explain why I can't pre-order it on PSN.

And there appears to be no explanation for the Aussie release apart from some speculation that the X-bone disc version won't ship in time.

The only reason I want to pre order is to get a free copy of Peace Walker but I was going to buy the MGS Legacy compilation anyway so I'll just forget about it for now and eat a snack of maybe some crisps and a ham sandwich.

March 19th, 2014, 05:38 AM
You can speedrun it without glitches in around ten minutes.


Rare White Ape
March 20th, 2014, 12:54 AM
So it's payday and today I walked into EB then walked out again some $90 lighter with six games I already own and one that I don't.

Good thing I was planning to get the HD editions anyway. Legacy Edition will do.

All I did after that was spend 45 minutes playing MGS2 again, and now I'm drinking beer!

March 20th, 2014, 06:16 AM
45 minutes playing MGS2? So, one cutscene?

Rare White Ape
March 20th, 2014, 01:01 PM
Nah, beat Olga then went back inside the boat.

After dinner I fired up Peace Walker and played for an hour. That was 45 minutes of cutscenes and 15 minutes of sneaking.

Freude am Fahren
April 4th, 2014, 08:03 PM
I had the itch, but couldn't find the legacy edition, but got the HD collection (MGS2, 3, PW). Firing that bitch up now, and then maybe I'll finally get around to beating 4.

EDIT: Turns out when you fire it up, the games are listed in Chrono order of the story (3, PW, 2). How would you guys suggest you play? Chrono or release?

April 4th, 2014, 11:14 PM
Bloody good question.

If you aren't worried about graphics, then maybe chrono, but yeah. Not sure how i'd do it.

Actually, i'd probably just play through by release date, as they pretty much explain it all in the storylines anyway i think.

Rare White Ape
April 5th, 2014, 03:46 AM
Definitely by release date. The newer games build upon plot hints in the previous ones, and the in-jokes pretty much require it. You've got a month of flat-out gameplay ahead of you to catch up!

I'd even play 4 before starting on PW, as stuff in the last chronological game is hinted to in the second chronological game.

That said, PW so far for me is still a very good standalone game in itself. MGSV continues on from that.

Freude am Fahren
April 5th, 2014, 11:03 AM
Yeah, that's pretty much the answer I got when looking around the web. Another consideration was gameplay. Going backwards in the mechanics and gameplay of the series can be difficult. I played MGS2 last night for about 45 minutes, so yeah, some cut-scenes and about 10 minutes of actual playing :p But that's kinda what I love about the MGS series. It's like participating in a movie.

It's a nice bit of nostalgia. I loved my first play throughs of MGS and MGS2 back in the day. I have an emulation of MGS on my old laptop, I might even go back and try that out before continuing with MGS2. Or maybe I could watch a fast playthrough online or something.