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March 23rd, 2014, 06:55 PM
New forum, might as well start a new thread, pretty much a continuation of the old one. My current bike is the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300, my first full fledged street bike, got it in June of 2013.
http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n174/lostnight/1001479_10200279107121448_1053544953_n.jpg (http://s112.photobucket.com/user/lostnight/media/1001479_10200279107121448_1053544953_n.jpg.html)

Brief history of my riding experience since this is a new forum. First bike was a 1978 Honda XR75 on Christmas of 1977, I was 11. Stuck with the XRs through the 80s, up to a 250, did trail riding, nothing too tough, missed some time during college and the navy. In the 90s, had a '94 Kawasaki KX125, great fun, ripping hyper engine, not good on tight trails, excellent suspension. It got stolen. 2000s; Got a 2006 KTM 200XCW for cheap, but dropped another 1000$ into it to make it perfect, and it was soooo sweet, my best bike ever. Oh, it got stolen too. Got a 2009 Kawasaki KLX250S in 2008, made major mods to it, that puppy ripped when I was done with it. My dirt bike riding buddies were getting fewer, and a pain to get a hold of. Also, my favorite place to ride got closed down to bikes, ATVs only. Then I sold my POS pickup truck. Dirt bike riding for me hit the skids, but I still felt the need to ride. So I sold my KLX in spring of 2013, and bought the Ninja in June of 2013.

This year, the winter has been long and brutal. I still ride a little when the weather is not too bad. I rode to work this Saturday, it wasn't too harsh, 38F, my neck got kind of cold, but that didn't worry me. On the way home it was close to 50F, I saw a few bikers the other way, and I gave the shocker hand gesture as my biker wave, doubt anyone noticed, I just amused myself pretty much, plan to do that some more.

March 24th, 2014, 04:21 AM
Cool. I had the 250 version as my first street bike.
I rode the z800 in Europe last year, but was upset it was white not green.

Rare White Ape
March 24th, 2014, 06:06 AM
I want one of these. That is all.


March 24th, 2014, 03:34 PM
Is that the same engine as the Duke 690?

The Z800 seems cool, but right now my first choice for a next bike is the Yamaha FZ-09.

March 27th, 2014, 09:25 PM
Invest in a thermal dickie for your neck. Fantastic piece of kit, I love mine.

March 28th, 2014, 06:25 AM
Get a nice, thick ascot.

Rare White Ape
March 28th, 2014, 11:11 PM
Is that the same engine as the Duke 690?

Yep. It shares the frame with the Duke as well.

March 29th, 2014, 09:25 AM
There has got to be a name for that article of clothing more appropriate for motorcyclists. Ascot? Dickie?!! Sheesh.

March 29th, 2014, 02:38 PM
Neck sock

March 29th, 2014, 04:06 PM
Are you going to take the Ninja to the quarter-mile track? You should, I bet it's faster than the Mustang. ;)

EDIT: After looking it up, looks like it's a driver's race -- both are low 14-second vehicles.

March 29th, 2014, 06:31 PM
No way, with my 93 Octane race tune only, I ran a 13.5 @ 102 mph in the 1/4 mile with the Mustang. I've never seen a Ninja 300 get under 14 seconds, let alone a 13.5. I don't really want to put mods on this bike. My best mod would be to get it paid off and upgrade. I already feel that. In the meantime, I still have loads of fun with it, I love the little Ninja for what it is.

Rare White Ape
March 29th, 2014, 10:12 PM
Back in my day (when I was two years old) the spotty yoof used to ride rasping hooligan two-strokes.

I feel sorry for the young'uns of today having to make do with those shitty little Ninjas and CBR250s.

The quicker you upgrade the better.

March 30th, 2014, 01:17 PM
Heh, yeah I didn't realize that the 300 was that slow!

Compare it's low 14-sec. time to Rickey Gadsen who pedaled an '05 636cc Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R to a 10.02x quarter-mile time @ 135 MPH*. :D


March 30th, 2014, 06:59 PM
jesus... that's hauling ass.

I say get a Ducati next ;)

March 30th, 2014, 09:48 PM
He wants to ride a motorcycle. Not a tow truck.

March 30th, 2014, 10:54 PM
What amount of ducati ownership do you have?


That's what I thought. Now cut the bashing. These bikes are reliable as long as you keep maintenance up.

March 31st, 2014, 06:27 AM

March 31st, 2014, 08:04 AM
Some serious defensiveness there.
In response to a joke. most anything is reliable if well maintained.

The fz09 seems to be a good bike though reports are that Yamaha went kind of low budget on brakes and suspension.

Supposedly that triple motor is going into some other bikes soon as well.

March 31st, 2014, 08:35 AM
Some serious defensiveness there...

Because it is about as played out as dockonomics.

Rare White Ape
March 31st, 2014, 01:56 PM
Godson is right. They are a reliable brand...

If you need to ride to a coffee shop.

March 31st, 2014, 02:16 PM
I don't think they are as reliable as Honda, but who is.
But Ducati has improved a lot in the last 15 years.

And it is not just servicing, it's often design and quality from the factory.
Been several recalls on my bike and I've had a gearbox issue that wasn't a recall, but a relatively common problem.
Honda also has recalls and bad/cheap design. Just a lot less of it.

March 31st, 2014, 05:56 PM
Waiting to pay down your bike is sensible... but a new Dark Smoke windscreen (http://www.zerogravity-racing.com/product_page.php?pn=282), a rear seat cowl (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007L4GSZ4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&s=), pull the passenger pegs (if you can easily, I know on some bikes it's a royal PITA) and an integrated brake light (http://www.motodynamic.com/kawasaki/2013-2014-kawasaki-ninja-300-sequential-led-tail-lights-smoke.html) would set your bike off right, Randy. :cool:

March 31st, 2014, 07:38 PM
Waiting to pay down your bike is sensible... but a new Dark Smoke windscreen (http://www.zerogravity-racing.com/product_page.php?pn=282), a rear seat cowl (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007L4GSZ4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&s=), pull the passenger pegs (if you can easily, I know on some bikes it's a royal PITA) and an integrated brake light (http://www.motodynamic.com/kawasaki/2013-2014-kawasaki-ninja-300-sequential-led-tail-lights-smoke.html) would set your bike off right, Randy. :cool:

Interesting ideas, I like them. I need to buy new furniture for the house first, mine is so gnarly, lol! I'm not sure about the passenger pegs though.

April 1st, 2014, 02:16 AM
Why take off the pillion pegs, you might want to actually give someone a ride.

Rare White Ape
April 1st, 2014, 07:04 AM
Bitches love it. I took a young lass with perky boobs on an impromptu moonlit jaunt one evening.

She wanted to try the front seat and slid neatly down between the tank and my crotch.

Which was nice.

April 1st, 2014, 09:10 AM
99% of the time he'll be riding alone. For those times when he plans to give a lady a ride, swap the rear seat and pegs back on.

But the bike looks better without 'em.

April 1st, 2014, 10:01 AM