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Freude am Fahren
January 8th, 2014, 03:49 AM
Jalopnik has images:
http://jalopnik.com/2015-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-this-is-it-1496968833?utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebo ok&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow





details will be more clear in a week.

January 8th, 2014, 06:49 AM

2007 called and really, really likes the new STI EVO. ;)


But then considering that the EVO X is the Last of the Evolution line, there IS a niche there so Subaru might as well fill it. :toast:

MR2 Fan
January 8th, 2014, 08:15 AM
Wait, so no more EVO after X? Is Mitsu really THAT dead?

Nick T
January 8th, 2014, 08:22 AM
I am happy to see that I'm not the only one that saw Evo with this thing.

January 8th, 2014, 09:10 AM
I saw it with the normal WRX but it's even more pronounced with the STI. I am quite happy.

January 8th, 2014, 09:53 AM
Where's my hatchback? :erm:

MR2 Fan
January 8th, 2014, 10:21 AM
On the 2013 Clearance lot

January 8th, 2014, 10:56 AM
Already have one of that body style. Also have a 2nd gen. Need a 1st gen (sold my old 1.8) and a 4th gen to complete the set.

January 9th, 2014, 09:07 AM
I like it. The wing is a little big though.

January 9th, 2014, 02:47 PM
Looks pretty bitchin to me.

January 10th, 2014, 06:38 AM

Nurburgring 24 Hour version


January 10th, 2014, 06:56 AM
I wonder why Jalopnik used a rendering when photos of the actual car are available: http://car.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/event_repo/2014autosalon/20140110_630429.html (or, I suppose, why Subaru provided renderings, when the actual car is available).

January 14th, 2014, 06:49 AM

Looks aside, this is the most comprehensive technical/feature breakdown I've seen thus far.

The Goods:
+the STI retains the Driver Controlled Center Differential
+more high-tensile steel than before, numerous stiffening elements to improve handling
+wheelbase has been increased by exactly one inch (up to 104.3-inches)
+firmer shocks from the factory
+steering rack ratio of 13.0:1 with 2.5-turns, lock-to-lock
+Active Torque Vectoring
+Low beam LED headlights
+Launch Edition includes 18-inch gold BBS wheels, World Rally Blue paint, Alcantara interior, keyless start and a special STI short-throw shifter.

The Bads:
-peak horsepower (305 at 6,000 rpm) and peak torque (290 lb.-ft at 4,000 rpm) are all identical to the outgoing model (seriously? You can't squeeze out a few more hp?)
-overall length is up a whopping 7 inches (to 180.9) (I currently drive (and prefer) the hatch, which is 6.5" shorter than the current sedan... therefore the new sedan would be 13.5" longer than what I have now)
-ground clearance has dropped from 6.1-inches to a scant 4.9-inches (I've hit/scraped the bottom of the car multiple times on stage roads... the first year I had the car I destroyed the front bumper twice.... once on a highway, and once on a stage. 1.2" lower wouldn't be an option for me... I'm actually looking to raise my WRX.)
-a standard 3.5-inch LCD (displays various functions and settings) and a second 4.3-inch LCD above the center console (rear-view camera, boost gauge, bluetooth, climate systems and VDC activity) (Extra weight... really necessary?)
-STI Limited upgrades the base model with an 8-way power seat, 18-inch BBS wheels, leather interior and an Harman/Kardon premium audio system (again... extra weight)

January 14th, 2014, 10:20 AM
No different from my BRZ Limited, which adds all the luxury items and thus weighs more than the standard model BRZ.

January 14th, 2014, 10:50 AM
Another "no difference" to the BRZ is the ride height... 4.9".


STi drivers won't be found hooning on gravel backroads too much any more.

Personally I liked the very first North American STi... pure performance, strip out the extra/heavy bits. No automatic climate control, no heated seats, etc. (Remember the first-gen Type R Integras? No A/C in the white ones.) It'd be great if a "Type RA" STi was available... Japan'll get one, we won't.

January 14th, 2014, 03:27 PM
Somewhat amusingly, the looks are ingrowing (shrinking?) On me.

January 14th, 2014, 04:33 PM
It's definitely a case of "looks better from some angles, worse from others"...

I think I may be hanging onto my WRX longer than initially planned. My lease will be up at the end of August... I might just buy out the car and keep it to play (rally weekends and snow-days) and get something else (econo-box?) as a daily driver. With a full tank approaching $100 (of 91 octane... not the 94 an STi requires) it kinda' doesn't make sense to drive 30k+ per year. :rolleyes:

January 14th, 2014, 04:54 PM
Yeah, it's very slab-sided from some angles. Then again, most STIs aren't pretty.

I'm waiting for the new Legacy and the Levorg. Then we'll see. Just changed the front Bilsteins on the Legacy anyway, and am waiting for new speaker cones.

Freude am Fahren
January 14th, 2014, 05:02 PM
I think it's the rear fender that makes me say "no" the most. Just looks so tall above the wheel.

January 14th, 2014, 06:35 PM
I think it's the best looking since 2005.

January 15th, 2014, 04:54 AM
I am happy to see that I'm not the only one that saw Evo with this thing.
This was my initial impression; but I like how the EVO X looks so after all the jokes settle, I also kinda like how this looks.

There are small things that bug me: the split-mesh grille and split-mesh foglight plastic. Just keep it all-mesh, kids, no need to be gettin' fancy. :cool:

January 18th, 2014, 05:42 PM
I'm a Subie guy, obviously, and I do see the Evo resemblance. With that said, I'd take an Evo over this. And the STI would be the only option. Not a fan of the WRX. It reminds me of the Legacy econobox loaner I got last year.

January 22nd, 2014, 01:32 AM

February 24th, 2014, 04:12 PM
WRX vs Sti dyno test (http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-reviews/car-comparison-tests/2015-subaru-wrx-vs-sti)

The Sti makes 24 more peak horsepower but gives up 2 peak lb-ft of torque, and makes less power up until about 4000rpm in spite of the extra half liter of displacement.

Freude am Fahren
February 24th, 2014, 05:15 PM
So the WRX gets an FA, but the STi is still using EJ? I wonder if that will change soon? Is that even a good idea?

February 24th, 2014, 05:19 PM
I assume Subaru may still be working on a hotted up FA and didnt want to delay the STI while they worked it out.

Freude am Fahren
February 24th, 2014, 05:20 PM
That's kinda what I was thinking.

February 24th, 2014, 05:26 PM
That's probably a safe bet.

February 24th, 2014, 06:37 PM
I agree with Benior.

February 24th, 2014, 07:27 PM
Might be a homologation thing, too.

February 25th, 2014, 01:29 AM
Well I'm not sure what the new STI would be eligible for with either motor. Group N is dead and the maximum size for Group R and WRC cars is 1600cc.

MR2 Fan
March 10th, 2014, 11:29 AM
This could go into a few different threads...but 3D printed Subaru WRX STi scale R/C car goes against stick bombs.....and the results are awesome :hard:



March 10th, 2014, 12:52 PM
:lol: Awesome :D:up:

March 10th, 2014, 04:12 PM
Love it. :up:

March 11th, 2014, 11:55 AM
Better than the last Gymkhana!

March 11th, 2014, 03:15 PM
Of course. This has a Subie. That had a Ford.

March 11th, 2014, 03:35 PM
Certainly a lot more drama. We knew the Ford was going to get through it, but hats off to the plucky little Subaru that overcame a terrible origin to become a champion!


March 11th, 2014, 06:28 PM

March 11th, 2014, 07:00 PM
I assure you, I have no idea what you're talking about.

April 4th, 2014, 07:30 AM
Speaking with Masuo Takatsu, Subaru's general manager for the WRX, the company is now re-considering putting the "hatch" back in its hot hatch.

"We have received strong interest from the US, where the hatchback was 50 percent (of previous-generation WRX sales), so we're now considering," Takatsu told Motoring, noting that the United States is Subaru's main target for this car. Additionally, Takatsu said the company's decision to only offer the sedan was the result of limited engineering resources, echoing statements we've previously heard from Subaru's US arm. http://www.autoblog.com/2014/04/04/subaru-might-build-wrx-hatch-report/

MR2 Fan
April 4th, 2014, 08:18 AM
That's good, because I really want a WRX hatch and am excited about the new model

Freude am Fahren
April 4th, 2014, 09:06 AM
I thought the, or at least one reason was because the WRX (& STi) were not based on the Impreza anymore? Or is all that just marketing, dropping the Impreza branding?

Anyway, maybe a 2016/7 STi hatch with a new version of the FA engine? That'd be nice.