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    From the 2000 GT brochure

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    Interiors are so lame nowadays.

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    Looks like the fake wood from our first E46.

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    Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    Warning: angry old man mini-rant follows.

    I drove my parents' 2016 Subaru a couple days ago. I inserted the key - the manufacturer's original key - into the driver's door lock to unlock the car to get in, as I've done with every car I've ever driven.

    The alarm went off.

    What the &%$?!

    My wife walks towards her door (which has no keyhole, BTW) of our 2016 Subaru while I'm seated in it.

    I press the "unlock button" on my arm rest console to unlock all the doors. My wife opens her door, and the alarm goes off.
    To prevent that, I actually need to lean over and briefly open the door from the inside.

    I think they must have consulted with professional car thieves when designing these alarm systems. And the car thieves helped design a system which causes so many false alarms that no-one will ever pay attention to car alarms anymore.

    Yes, you need to use the buttons to unlock the door on entry. Or sit down with the manual and figure out how to put the car into (parking) valet mode. I'm not sure what the other ramifications of valet mode are.
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