efnetsimracing is proud to enter a new chapter of its annual Endurance Series, introducing a fifth points race to the championship--The Spa 1000KM featuring DRM cars!

We will be utilizing Euroracer's excellent Spa 2012 track, which has been used multiple times on Sundays and Mondays without any apparent problems. We'll be racing starting at 5 PM with a time scale of 10x, which brings us back into the morning with about 15 minutes of daylight to finish up. Headlights work. We'll be using the normal "2012 ER" layout, as the "Night" track is actually entirely at night regardless of time scale.

Race will be 90 minutes timed. At this setting the M1, 935 and Capri need one full stop and most LIKELY a splash and go as well. Race will be around 40 laps, and those cars get 19-ish laps to a tank. Their lap times are reasonably close as far as I can tell.

The 320 and Toyota can make it another lap or so past those, so it brings up some interesting pit strategy for those who can conserve just enough to not need the splash. The Lancia will be included in this class though it may need a little alien-ness to get the most out of it.

Pit stalls and garage spots do not appear to be a problem. I loaded it up with 30 AI cars and they all fit in the garages with no overlap. No certain way to test pit stops of course but the AIW shows 40 or so pit stalls. Grid should be good too.

Car selection is on a first-come first-serve basis, as we will only be using the stock skins. There are plenty to choose from with each car though, so this shouldn't be a big issue. Post in the Driver Classification thread with your choice. In the event there's not enough drivers in one class, some may be asked to move to even the field out.