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Thread: Smoke?

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    Crime Fighter Cam's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    Columbia, SC
    I believe in you, Sandy! You can do it!

    (Quit smoking and/or masturbate.)

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    Senior Member sandydandy's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    Toronto, ON
    Thanks. Relapsed after ten days. Recalibrating myself and getting ready to quit again. Maybe I should wait till Iím smoke free for three months before posting again.

    No problems masturbating, thanks.

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    Jan 2014
    Baby steps dude. Donít be too hard on yourself.

    Maybe instead of try to set longer goals, you should just make your goals easier for now... like not smoking for a day.

    If you made it thru that day, post here and letís all celebrate with you.

    Letís see if we can do it everyday for the next 3 months!

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    Jan 2014
    You did the best you could, bruv. You can do this.

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