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Thread: Somebody stop me... (Gaming PC Build Thread)

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    Thanks Stephen. I've just been playing the Doom demo at 120fps.

    Rock solid. I think I'm hooked. It feels so good to launch a new-ish title and not have to pick and choose which settings you use. Just drive it all up to ultra.

    But my wireless mouse and KB could do with some attention (fuck, here we go, more money).

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    My impulse is shit. I just got the 43" LG UHD. It's completely fucking ridiculous.

    My "roommate" works remote again, so I bought her a Dell G5 laptop (8650 6-core, 16GB RAM, blah blah). I set up her new desk, and decided to let her use/have my two Samsung 32" UHD monitors, to be more efficient at it.

    The funny thing is the 28" Samsung UHD I've had for about 4 years keeps finding its way back on my desk. It's been at the office, only to have purchased two more to replace it, it's been on her desk, only to return after I bought the LG, and I had a "spare" 32". For the sake of uniformity, I gave her the pair of 32s, so she didn't have a 28 and 32.


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