Bought myself a new mouse and keyboard, which I've needed for ages. It's the most I've ever spent on these sort of peripherals. I'm stuck at home with little to do apart from play games and browse the internet, so that slightest of justifications leads me to ask myself, why not?

So I bought a Logitech G703 wireless mouse and a G613 wireless keyboard. The mouse was in stock so I have it already, while the keyboard will arrive next week. And the mouse feels supremely excellent to use in comparison to my 5-year-old and well-used $80 K520 mouse and keyboard combo (also Logitech). It's got a nice light weight to it, and it's larger by a good 1.5cm in length and 0.5cm in height; perfect for my gorilla hands with stubby fingers.

Plus it has RGB lighting

I'll report in when I get the keyboard later.