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Thread: George's Garage

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    At least the high beams are not on the floor.

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    Well, not yet. I just ordered the Floor Mount Dimmer Switch, Honda part number RTS593-3...

    Nah, just kidding.

    Was cleaning out my phone earlier and found more foolishness that you guys might like. Now, I had that Accord for eleven and a half years. Every year I get a sticker for the next year to put on the license plate when I renew the registration. Weirdo that I am, I like to remove the license plate to clean it, front and back, and clean the area behind the plate that seldom sees the light of day. Then I carefully remove the old sticker and apply the new one. When I was younger and had more free time, I even waxed all the surfaces involved.

    Well, a few years ago, it became apparent that the screws were seized in place. I gave up on removing the plate and just removed and applied stickers each year without removing the plate. That worked fine until it was time to take my plates off the Accord.

    The screw on the right snapped in half. Sorry, future owner! And I never did get the left one off. I ended up twisting the plate around enough to enlarge the hole in the plate by bending the metal a little bit. I think I can flatten it back out when it's time to install these on the Ridgeline. If not, I'll get new plates, I suppose.

    Do people grease the screws to prevent this? That's standard in bicycle repair but it never occurred to me to grease license plate screws/bolts.

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