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Thread: Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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    As cool as it is, I don't get it. Help me understand Keith......

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    They've added a new mission with three parts (you get rewarded separately for completing each part while a special event is going on, but they are not checkpoints).

    1) Sam is in a room inside a Unidad base. Get to him without being noticed by or disturbing any enemies.
    2) Cover Sam as he hacks a computer, AKA kill the bazillion Unidad enemies they throw at you. I haven't gotten past this part.
    3) Safely extract with Sam. To where or how, I don't know.

    You don't get any new gameplay capabilities, there's just a visual change: the Splinter Cell and other NVGs now have an animation pushing them up and down as you turn on/off vision modes.
    Get that weak shit off my track

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    I bought the game at Steam as it was 67% off.
    They should rename it to "Just Cause light: Wildlands" as it`s no GR title for me but it`s fun.

    wildlands fisher.jpg

    And the Splinter Cell Mission is hell.

    Sneaking into the base is not a big problem but covering Sam Fisher`s ass while he is hacking!
    And since I`m new to the game my character was weak and couldn`t take much damage.
    So I had to go hunting for skill points at the mission begin to level up - luckily that part of my plan worked.

    Killing and even knocking down people will fail the mission.
    And pay attention to your team mates, that they don`t get spotted while waiting outside.
    Once the first part of the mission is done, regroup.
    The little tower on top of the building has one internal and one external staircase and is in the fireline of three snipers on the watchtowers.
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