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I remember being scared during tornado and fire drills. Can you imagine what we are putting our kids through?
They're trying to design schools to be safer against active shooters...
I have two kids in school. Yes, I can imagine it. And I'm sure we all can, not just parents.

Two quick anecdotes about how the times, they are a changin'...

1. I was in the high school where my kids will most likely go to watch my daughter's band concert last year. Boy, the beginning elementary school band sounds rough, let me tell you. HONK! squeak! Wheeze!

Anyway, before the show, I went to the mens room, which was surprisingly large to me, but I've been out of high school a long time. There must have been a dozen urinals and half as many stalls. While washing my hands at the long row of sinks near the door, I looked up and noticed a deadbolt lock on the inside of the door. I thought that was strange. Surely boys messing around will come in there and lock the door just to be jerks to their friends. I could imagine the between-class rush being times of constant door pounding while some kids inside kept their buddies locked out, just because that's how guys are, right?

Then I saw the sign near the door that had all the different codes on it for announcements over the intercom - Lockdown means this, Lockout means that, and something else or maybe one of those meant stay where you are, lock the door, turn out lights, and stay quiet.

2. Last week I saw that Bernie Sanders was having a rally at 6:00 PM on Monday (yesterday) in the large park where such things happen near the capitol building in Denver. I work a couple blocks away and mentioned to my wife on Friday night that I might stop by on my way to the commuter train. I'm not a Sanders supporter specifically, but I'll vote for anyone who gets the nomination in the hopes of booting Trump out. Anyway, I thought it might be neat to see and hear him as part of our democratic process and maybe to tell my grandkids about someday like Abe Simpson might do. My wife said she might even bring the kids downtown and we could all see him together.

Well, then the weekend came and went and I forgot all about it. When I got home last night, my wife said she had forgotten about the Sanders rally and I admitted I had also. Carefully making sure no kids were within earshot, I told her that I had been thinking a day or two before that a Sanders rally might not be the safest place to be, given current events. She agreed and said she had decided not to go to some kind of Arabic food tasting in a park somewhere recently out of similar concerns.

We aren't wackos who won't go outside. Far from it. But, these things do make me think sometimes - do I want to go join that big crowd, or not?