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Thread: Random Video Games/News Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason View Post
    Spider-Man is so good.

    That is all.
    Just started it. Pretty enjoyable so far. It's not quite as crazy with the side stuff like Elder Scrolls or Fallout, which is good for me. I never made it far in the main quests in either of those, because i was too busy looking for every last item in caves and shit. Or GTA, which I pretty much never played the main stories.

    But it still has enough to keep you busy when you feel like leveling up and just exploring.

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    Is anyone planning on buying CoD Blops IIII?

    I hope you aren't, because fuck that game.

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    Finished Doom (2016) on PC. Install got fucked (no idea why probably the save file got corrupt) and I played a whole level with abysmal fucked-up (artifacts and pixel grids) graphics, then it sorted itself.
    Anyhow last 4 levels were a chore, basically killing everything in locked rooms... lame. Almost no plot at all (I swear, Doom 3 ten years ago felt more like a thrilling story in comparison!) and an even lamer end.
    Tried playing Watch Dogs: couldn't pass over the slow controls. I've Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag courtesy of Uplay by Ubisoft, but no sure if I'll keep playing it - not much into AC games, at all.
    Looking forward to Torchlight Online, meanwhile.

    EDIT: Almost forgot, Fallout 4, after a 55GB High Res official mod (whole install got to be a whopping 85GB), still looked like shit. Uninstalled the useless mod; I'm possibly over Fallout games and their clunky and convoluted menu, and the game story seems boring.
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    Yeah, I was completely unimpressed with the high res textures for F4. Huge waste of space.

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