Recently there was a re-release of the first game of the Mafia series from 2002 at Steam and GOG.

Nowadays I could play it without any problems on my laptop with a 2.5 Ghz i5 with an lousy internal Intel HD 4000.

The game has aged but it`s still good to awesome and worth to play.

And now there is a community mod that really ramps it up (outdated trailer from october 2016):

Now the cars are really detailed, the colors are more colorful and no longer washed out, the textures have been improved (although they are not HD), the draw distance is now like it should be and many more things have been improved.

Installation is easy, you just got to extract two two files into the root folder of the game if you got the Steam or GOG version and then you got to use the community mod installer and select the wished options.
After that there is a readme that guides you for more infos about the right options in the setup.

I tried it on my HTPC (i5 2.4 Ghz, GTX 970, 12 GB Ram) and it was a blast!
Need to try it out soon on my Gaming Rig in 32:9.

You will find the mod here: