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Thread: Long-lost sibling

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    Indeed so.

    The more you know, the worse it gets.

    He left my mum, on literally the day my half bro was born to woman 2. That's the level of strength of character we're dealing with here. So he just cleared out, denying that there was another woman, and that he was on a self exploration journey etc. I think it took somewhere in the 6-12 months duration for him to admit the truth.

    Then he was working with and in a relationship with woman 2, when he hooked up with woman 3 (who he also worked with). Woman 3 (his current wife) is mum to my sister.

    I have NO idea how much of any of this either my bro or sis know. My bro I've met maybe 3-4 times ever. My sister I've met a bunch of times.

    I don't think all three of us have been in the same place at the same time until last week.

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