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    Why don't you suggest Scottsdale, Arizona next?

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    I'm sorry, but I have a lot of health issues and I get really offended when people who should work more and pay more taxes so I can get more disability money try to butt their nose into my actual work related business, never let a bitch know how you make your cash flow.

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    You just made me really depressed... alberta, the rodeo, football, homophobia and racism and basically everything that's wrong with america, but in canada, so it's like cheaper and made of plastic.

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    Forget all that, I have insomnia, and i'm going really wacky in the head since not having any weed for like three days, I can't sleep, I am peeing every 15 minutes and it feels like my brain is going to implode. Don't read my posts.

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    Scottsdale is warm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandydandy View Post
    Scottsdale is warm.

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    Sorry about yesterday, I was up for like 36 hours straight, slept 12 hours, woke up at like 3am. When I don't have my weed, I'm like an alien from a 48 hour planet living on the wrong planet. I tried to go to some doctors yesterday after I went full retard on the internet, got some numbers and I may try again today, been doing the apartment search, made a list of places for me and my parents to check off, but only in this zone of Toronto, I'm thinking of going and making a few more lists of the adjacent areas. My dad is saying he doesn't want to live with me, I don't know what my mom wants to do, I had a two bedroom for them to look at, actually it's probably still available (it's actually in the building this coffee shop is in, right next to the subway, go train, streetcar to inner suburbs etc. and it would be perfect for my dad to go to work (he could get to every movie studio in Toronto in 30min from here) but he's being too much of a drunk nimrod to get along. I may still look for one bedroom apartments for me and my mom, but she's acting like a basket case instead of the in charge bitch i'm used to, and i'm not sure I can handle the workload anymore. Things are good, i'm staying at a shelter (my mom followed me there and has been stirring up drama) but i'm getting along with everyone there, and I even met a woman who knew my grandfather, and knows my ex girlfriend, my ex's ex husband, and basically my whole family and everyone I know, and it's in a very familiar area to me so i'm going to be able to get a lot done, I got skype on my computer and my laptop bag so i'm basically a walking office/home theatre. Things are pretty good, I have smokes, and I'm not completely broke all the time.

    I'm hoping I can find an apartment before Feb. Parents or not, I've told them we can get a place together if it's my place and they pay me rent, otherwise i'm just going to get a batchelor and they can fuck off forever. :/

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    This and that, still at the shelter with my mom, which is horrible (because she is there making it complicated) but I have my housing forms in, met up with a lot of old friends and stuff (turns out main and danforth is still part of 'my area'), so things are pretty good. Dad is back to work and actively looking for places and i'm still trying to be Captain Picard.

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    Still getting emails from gtxrefuge asking me to come back btw, turn that off?

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    What, you don't want to go back?

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