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Thread: Notable car sightings

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkylineObsession View Post
    Another Google search bought up an article from this year about one being restored in Christchurch to eventually reside in Dunedin. But it's green, which i don't think was the colour of the one i saw.
    Well, turns out i saw this exact car yesterday, in the same shop the orange one was in. It looked to be in a finished condition though, number plate and everything. Saw it from the back, with a nice Lamborghini badge under the window. This shop has so many nice cars as it's one of only a couple of car compliance places in the city.

    Fairly confident the orange one was the same make and model, but still gutted i didn't see it again.
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    A Ford F-750 pickup truck towing an empty car trailer. I can only hope it was on it's way to buy a race car.

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    Or he was just overcompensating?

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