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Thread: High or Higher-end Audio

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeW View Post
    That looks like it focuses on more on the app side from a computer. I'm looking for more of stand alone components that would sit with the other stereo components.
    Maybe it didn't automatically take you to the section that I linked to.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scroll down a little
    High-resolution digital music players like Sony’s HAP-Z1ES and network audio streamers let you enjoy high-resolution music through your home stereo system.

    The Bluesound Vault 2i is a streaming music player with a built-in CD ripper and a 2TB hard drive. It lets you access TIDAL (including their high-res MQA service tier). It can also store downloads from high-res music sites. You can enjoy high-res music without involving a computer.
    Get that weak shit off my track

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    There we go. Thanks!

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