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Thread: Gran Turismo Sport

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    Man, the DR points system is wack. Because I like to keep track of things, I check out my progress on the Kudos Prime site ( Did the Gr. 3 race at Tsukuba today, didn't have a chance to qualify, started 13th out of 16th, had a great race against what apparently were some substandard opponents and finished 3rd. Since it was the only Sport Mode race I did today, it was easy to see the difference it made in my DR points vs. yesterday. So what was my reward for moving up 10 spots and finishing in the top 3? Just under 400 points. Daaaang.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rare White Ape View Post
    Have you successfully converted files to SVG before?
    Literally, this is the first time I have attempted anything like this.

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    Well, firstly, I have to apologise because I completely forgot to do it for you yesterday. I got home from work and people in my house were all like, “stuff!” and all thought of doing it evaporated away and I am a terrible friend. So I’ll do it today

    Secondly, if you’re using a basic online image to svg converter it’s not gunna work. You’ll need a vector graphics program like Adobe Illustrator (or a free one that you don’t have to pirate) and a bit of time to learn to do vectors. They’re not very user freindly, unfortunately.

    Thirdly, I googled “corvette museum logo svg” and came up with a result on Wikipedia, which usually hosts vectors under fair use so is a good source. Sadly, the file itself is 33kb, which won’t help as you need a max of 15kb, but I’m posting this so you get some idea of how vectors work. This is a professionally made file and is probably the most efficient way to create this image, so a converted-from-raster of the same might look a bit shit, but I won’t know this until I give it a go later today.

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