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Thread: Gran Turismo Sport

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    I spot three JGTC cars, a 22B, a MINI, a Zonda, an E-Type, and an Aston Martin perhaps. Not sure what that is on the centre-right.

    The track is said to be Catalunya as well

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    Lexus SC SuperGT, Mini Cooper S, Maserati GranTurismo S

    Subaru WRX 22B, Honda NSX SuperGT, Not sure? I've heard both Lancia 037 and an 80s Ferrari

    Pagani Zonda R, Jaguar E-Type, Nissan GT-R SuperGT

    And yes, the circuit will be Catalunya, it was already shown in the FIA GT Championships European playoffs.

    EDIT: A quick browse around and apparently a Zonda and Lancia 037 road car have been seen getting their engine sound recorded in a studio in recent months
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    Really hoping to see the Zonda C12S 7.3 in the game at some stage, as in my opinion that is the best looking Pagani ever, after that model (their fourth model?) nothing else has looked good to me.

    Still no F50 or F355, but i can wait.

    And i'd say it's definitely a 288 GTO:

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    The MINI was long overdue, was my favorite car in Forza 6:A.

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