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Thread: Gran Turismo Sport

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    Yeah, it's not surprising. I saw an article saying that it had PSVR support and thought "Wow, it's really impressive that they did that, and it's going to be a game-changer when it comes to VR adoption." Now I know why that announcement itself was surprising when I didn't know the details.

    Given the massive amount of horsepower I had to add to my computer to get the Rift running, I'm not at all shocked that a normal PS4 can't power it. Interesting that they are targeting 60 fps on the headset, though. Rift targets a minimum of 90fps to alleviate nausea, but if your hardware can't maintain 90 it'll drop to 45 and do some fancy trickery to guess the interleaving frames to simulate 90fps. That's on the software side, not hardware, so it'll be interesting to see if PSVR can do something similar and maybe improve some of the visuals.

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    I'm pretty sure that Sony mandates 60fps for every title. But the screens each display 720p, and with the standard PS4 as a baseline, it'll have a hard time rendering that many pixels if GT is already pushing the hardware to its limit at 1080p. PS4 Pro could do better but you can't make that the baseline and cut out 95% of your user base.

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