I'm a C/S driver and that clip above was the shittiest thing that has happened to me since I started playing seriously a few weeks ago.

What really bugs me about it, and you can hear it in the video, is that my brake point for that left hand turn (the right is flat out) is at about 120ft. But I saw him go wide, knew the race was almost over, and lifted through the right hander just to give him time to unfuck himself and allow me more time to make a decision. I really thought he was going to rejoin after the left so I was anticipating how to encounter him down there. With me lifting early we're talking a distance of maybe a half a car length over an optimal lap. So if I had kept on my normal race line he would've narrowly missed me and crossed over just behind me. That's one of the reasons I was so frustrated by it, in terms of accident avoidance I thought I did everything right and he ended up finding me like a heat seeking missile.

I'm with Bill in that I would rather them not ghost cars if they can't get it consistent.