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Thread: PlayStation and Xbox online store specials

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    PlayStation and Xbox online store specials

    After the below has been talked out, maybe this topic could be used to mention good deals etc on the stores?

    Soooo, is it just me doing a 'male look', or is the Xbox store really that sparse in terms of game discounts?

    Getting a little frustrated now, as the PS Store has craploads of discounted games every month/few weeks, and Xbox only usually has 'Deals with Gold' which sometimes aren't much to write home about. Not to mention that it isn't as user friendly/as well laid out as PS Store.

    Case in point, i have about six Xbox One games (two physical copies, three store bought) and probably well over 20 or 30 PS4 games?
    That doesn't come down to fanboyism, it's just that PS4 games get heavy discounts. Like at the mo Mad Max is down to $35 or so down from over $100 (not sure whether to buy it or not though, as it is 33.22gb), Lego The Movie The Game is $25 or so down from over $100 (both 70+% off) and there are a number of others that are 60% or so off. Bought Life Is Strange complete edition a couple of days ago (also discounted), recently bought Tales From the Borderlands (one of the funniest and most entertaining games i've ever played, even though i haven't properly played Borderlands before) and one or two others.

    I'm wanting to add to the library of Xbone games, but Microsoft ain't making it easy.

    And FYI, i can't remember the last time i payed full price for a game, blame PS Store for that.
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