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Thread: Battlefield 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cam View Post
    Eff the plane flight controls. Totally not like any other flight game.
    Eh, itís just like Star Wars Battlefront!

    I bought this back in the day. I really enjoyed the campaign but it was too short. And the old timey guns were fun in a Red Dead kind of way. I liked the single shot bolt action rifles the most. Run, stop, aimÖ Boom! Straight into the chest, clear and move into the next goon.

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    Can we just make this the battlefield thread as BFV launched a day early for Origin Access Premier people. Like me. It's a lot of fun but holy hell am I rusty at FPS games. It was starting to come back but considering it's been around two years of 3rd person games for me it's no wonder!

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    Took some convincing and a $30 price point, but I picked this up to play with some friends (Battlefield V).

    The mention of glitches and bugs kind of put me off, and especially the the patch where Dice decided - without community - input to *UP* the TTK values. They have quickly since reverted that.

    So far so good though... the "Battlefield moments" are certainly there, especially if you can get some squad communication and organization.

    For those not keeping up with the changes from previous games: This game definitely places a priority on your resources. Expect to ask for ammo and med packs a lot. You spawn with limited ammo and one (1) med pack maximum. You get damaged, you can press your heal button to use the med pack. Otherwise, you ask for healing from a medic, or your character very slowly regenerates health up until a certain point. When a medic heals you, you get your current damaged healed and a resupply of the one med pack allotment. It's a different system, but works pretty well. Weapons feel better, there is little to no "built-in inaccuracies" like what BF1 had -guns shoot where you point them in BFV.

    Main game mode is Grand Operations... where Dice probably thinks it is a positive evolution of Operations from BF1... where no matter what, it goes to three rounds even if the defenders hold off the attackers on the first two. That seems to contradict the whole point. Anyway, there is bomb planting, conquest, and BF1-style "capture all points in a sector to progress to the next sector".

    Probably my favorite reason to enjoy this game... NO gun variants, NO Elite classes, and especially NO Behemoths.
    Also, no loot crates.

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