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Thread: Battlefield 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cam View Post
    Eff the plane flight controls. Totally not like any other flight game.
    Eh, itís just like Star Wars Battlefront!

    I bought this back in the day. I really enjoyed the campaign but it was too short. And the old timey guns were fun in a Red Dead kind of way. I liked the single shot bolt action rifles the most. Run, stop, aimÖ Boom! Straight into the chest, clear and move into the next goon.

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    Can we just make this the battlefield thread as BFV launched a day early for Origin Access Premier people. Like me. It's a lot of fun but holy hell am I rusty at FPS games. It was starting to come back but considering it's been around two years of 3rd person games for me it's no wonder!

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