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Thread: Forza 6: 2:4 (hours:races) of LeMans

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    Forza 6: 2:4 (hours:races) of LeMans

    The new content update has some features that should make endurance racing even better. Is there interest in doing a 4-part LeMans endurance race?

    Brainstorming so far:
    - 4 separate races, day/rain/night/day
    - Each race is __ laps (I need to check how many laps it would take to go 30 minutes)
    - All R-Class Modern GT cars and modifications/setups eligible up to 880 PI (the Modern GT league has shown me that this equalizes the performance of all the cars)
    - Quick Stop (mandatory pit stop), Rolling Start, and Cosmetic Damage w/Fuel Use and Tire Wear
    - Potential: AI to fill out the race

    I'm not exactly sure how to handle tying progress together, other than just assigning points and treating it like a 4-race series. Then we could do it over the course of a weekend or a two weeks or something.

    Any interest?
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