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Thread: Phil_SS Unified Fleet Thread

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    Weird recall, glad they caught it!

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    This sounds like the same recall that is affecting 2013 BRZ/FR-Ss. Guessing the Impreza has the same 2-liter motor. Surprisingly, 2013 Twins on the used market have not been coming down in value in the last month or two. Maybe it's not as well known as I thought.

    Good luck with the warranty work!

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    Actually, they don't use the same motor. The Impreza uses the FB while the BRZ/86 use the FA. The FA is based off the older EJ engines. While the FB is a brand new design. But they certainly could have been using the same parts or they could have been using the same manufacturer that was using crappy materials or who produced bad product due to poor processing controls.

    They provided me with a 2019 Forester for my loaner vehicle.

    • It's ok, I love the color which is a great shade of green. It's called Jade Green Metallic. Just fantastic!

    • The interior is nice but not really any better than my car. Does have a touch screen. Though it is a light tan color, bleh. With kid and dog that is a no go. Because Subaru is dumb, they don't offer any dark interior color choices for the Jade Green Metallic unless you buy the top of the line model that is 35k and you get a saddle brown interior. FTMFL!

    • I give credit to Subaru for staying steadfast and having the environmental controls be big rotating switches.

    • It drives fairly nice, the 2.5L engine has a bit more grunt than my car's 2.0L, I could just lope along, even up hills.

    • My wife liked it when she drove it with the A typical response of "I like that it drives like a car but I sit up higher" Cue all the manufacturers getting rid of their cars.

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