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Thread: dodint's Automotive Evolution

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    Nice. Can't weight to see her in person.

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    Jeez, you get under 200 lbs and now you are makin fat jokes....what a jerk

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    Heh. I didn't even realize I did that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodint View Post

    Doing my first TNiA with this car on the 10th. Still has the factory diff and I don't have slicks for it, so it'll be a nice baseline of what a stock Dinan 3 is capable of, I guess.
    I came away from that TNiA very underwhelmed, but I'm going to post a video about it later so I'll not bother getting into it.

    I have been doing some hard thinking about what I want to achieve over the next 2-3 years and figured I would map that into a plan. I won't be able to get my competition license and start doing actual racing until we're out of school, so 2020ish. So rather than invest in a racing school I'm going to start digging into the car over the winter. Unless something changes I'm looking at getting this done, hopefully before April:

    -Toyo RR 255/40ZR17; rumor is that I won't need to use spacers unlike with the E36. These will go on the 17x8.5" OZ's. Looking very forward to this.

    Cooling System
    -All aluminum radiator
    -New expansion tank
    -Performance Water Pump
    -Thermostat (eliminating the electric and converting to mechanical)
    -Hose upgrade.
    When I had the E36 I already upgraded all the same parts so I'm kind of covering old ground again.

    -Spec suspension kit, just a whole bunch of fun stuff to replace.
    -Rear subframe reinforcement. I need to weld in a reinforcement plate because BMW designed the trunk with a weird empty space in the sub-frame.
    --Install the 3.46 differential that I cleaned up and painted, it's still hanging in my garage.

    Weight Reduction
    -Removing pretty much everything I can behind the front seats. Rear seats, carpet, sound deadening, extra wiring, trunk stuff.

    So hopefully next year I can do some HPDEs with a car that is lighter, a bit punchier, and well planted. Not looking to do any motor improvements as I'm building to the NASA SpecE46 specifications.
    I would really like to get to an HPDE in either VIR or Watkins Glen next year. And maybe NCM's track or something out west, was talking with Tyler about maybe doing something instead of going to the NCM 24LM Viewing Party.

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