I was troubleshooting the dome lights the other day and got one to work. It probably worked the whole time but was just set to off. The other one just needed the contacts bent a little bit to get it working. It has three setting, delay-off-on. The on works for both, and the delay (door open + 10 seconds) works for the rear one but not the front. I think one of the capacitors in that circuit is toast but I'll have to do actual diagnostic work to find out. The housings are flimsy plastic that rattle. The Porsche 928 had nice metal and glass housings, I'll upgrade to those one day but they're about $80 a piece which is crazy. It'll be one of those 'last mile' things I do after the real problems are sorted.

That's not my car in the LED pictures if that's what you meant. My wheel is fine, but there are some aftermarket solutions that are tasteful and help to modernize the interior a bit more:

The hub adapters are getting scarce, maybe I can pick one up at DCS.