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Thread: dodint's Automotive Evolution

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodint View Post
    It delivers a very cool LMP like feeling when getting in but delivers none of the right foot excitement.

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    Say I win the lottery and decide to buy a second DMC to build into a bonkers track machine. I think I still stay faithful to the PRV6, and start with the Venturi 600LM setup and work backwards:

    I'd blow a lot of money and probably ruin a chassis in the process.

    Interestingly, I can't find a picture of the engine bay itself, all the 'open bay' pics I find are from the front of the car. That can't be good.

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    Little update since I haven't posted in a month.

    The E46:

    I was supposed to have the first HPDE on April 21st and a TNiA the following week. But I'm going to Minnesota for two weeks from the 6th-20th and the car now needs suspension work on top of the pad change and diff swap. With school and the general slog of life I just haven't had time to do much of anything. So now I'll do my first TNiA at the end of May. Ho-hum.

    I did just put on a set of Continental ExtremeContact DWS for the daily driver duties. Very nice so far, they've been on for less than a week. Was Russ's recommendation and ensuing research that sealed the deal, was also looking at a set of BFG G-Force COMP-2 A/S's and Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2's, but I've heard good things about the DWS's from several sources.
    It was when they were doing the tire swap that the found the bad ball joint. I can't feel it in the steering yet but it's too loose for track use right now. And since the ball joint is bad, I might as well replace the Front Control Arm Bushing 'while I'm in there' so I'm converting to this class legal fixed point FCAB:

    Spherical bearings are not legal in SpecE46, but these are. They're actually named specifically in one of the SE46 example builds. They're also not significantly more expensive than buying solid FCABs and new carriers. I made the mistake of buying just the bushing and trying to reuse the carrier with our old E46, I'll never do that again and it's a huge pain in the ass to press the bushing in.

    So, what needs to be done before May 23rd:

    Brake Pad Swap (StopTech Sport)
    Front Control Arms
    Front Control Arm Bushing Swap
    State Inspection (Due 4/30, buh)
    Differential Swap

    The DMC-12:

    Still loads of fun, drove it to see Ready Player One the other day, awesome time as always. My Dad and I are taking it to the 24hr of LeMans viewing party at the National Corvette Museum in June, so I need to get some stuff done before that.

    Fix coolant leak
    Fix speedometer
    -Swap 85mph speedo back in
    -Convert to one piece speedo cable
    -Lambda delete
    -Replace Angle Drive
    -Upgrade gauge lighting to LED
    Tint windows
    Window Switch Refurb/Upgrade
    Navigation Unit (Single-DIN)

    I'm going to buy the complete coolant hose kit and convert the car from rubber to silicon hoses. Still need to buy the kit.
    I have everything from the speedo project, just need the time. I want to shoot a video How To as the only other Angle Drive how-to out there sucks.
    The AC works, but I want to tint the windows with ceramic tint so the system doesn't have to work as hard, and if it fails we might be able to get by with the windows down. The car has a big canopy and heats up quick.
    I ordered the window switches and the aligning mechanism that keeps all five switches aligned. The console is made of some kind of cheap cardboard underneath and as time goes on the button all point different directions, this part I'm installing is a steel brace that keeps them in line. The new switches are just backlit up/down arrows that match the interior lighting, add a splash of color in a dark part of the car.
    As for the Nav, I'm looking at this Clarion NZ503:

    It's the only single-din motorized Nav unit on the market that also has a display while the unit is closed. The key illumination is variable so I can turn it green to match the car interior. I think it's visually a better fit than the Kenwood that's in there now, and will allow me to navigate to places without putting my phone on a suction cup RAM mount on the windshield. Installation should be fairly easy as there are only two power wires and four speaker wires in the car for the sound system.

    That's everything I want to accomplish before going to Kentucky. The clutch is starting to feel a bit slippery in certain gears under certain conditions, so I might look into doing a new clutch before going to DCS in August, not sure yet. I have a DMC vendor 100 miles away in Akron that will do it for ~$1500. I also think the doors might be slightly out of alignment but I don't know if that's just me being picky or what.

    Like I said, I'm going to Minnesota for two weeks starting Saturday, so I won't accomplish anything anytime soon.

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    A month later and I've still DONE NOTHING. Except a butt-ton of law school stuff, which ends one way or another (for the semester) on Sunday.

    Well, I changed the oil and transmission fluid in the DMC. I've also determined the clutch is going back in the DMC so I'm taking it to a DMC shop in Akron soon so I can have it all fixed up for the Kentucky trip in June.
    I'm going to have them repair the leaking axle seal I spotted as well as refurbish all the shift linkages to get a better feel from the gear shifter. It's a bit sloppy even when not accounting for the clutch work.
    I'll have them recharge the AC as well, just not sure if it's R12 or R134a at this point.
    Have an appointment on June 2nd to get the ceramic tint done.
    Still waiting on a part to do the window switch upgrade.
    I'm going to fix the speedo before sending it in for clutch work.

    The E46 isn't terribly happy with me. I took it to a mechanic thinking I had a bad head gasket and it turns out my oil level was low by 4.5qts, I'm pretty shocked the motor didn't nuke for that. The oil level sender is also bad but honestly I'm a terrible person for never once manually checking the oil level since I bought it.
    I also have a tear in the lower air intake boot. I took the car apart and got all the way to the 'lets install the new boot' part of the process and realized I ordered the wrong boot, so that car is sitting in the garage waiting patiently to be reassembled. The correct boot should be delivered this afternoon.
    It still needs the control arms to be changed and a state inspection done.

    The MINI is just quietly doing MINI things. It has a loose license plate bracket, that's about it.

    School is done this weekend, which means I can give the cars (and house) some sustained and uninterrupted attention and clear out these projects.

    Oh, I bought a QuickJack. It rules.

    Heavy af, tho.

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    That QuickJack is badass!

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    I can now say I've sat in a Delorean, as we've got one in the showroom at work at the moment.

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    If you sit in it and never drive it your opinion of the car will likely remain higher than if you take it out and hoon it.

    E46: New control arms and fixed point FCABs are in! Just needs an alignment and inspection and I'm mostly done with projects for it for now. I will need to bring the air intake system down and clean the Idle Control Valve as it's being fussy, but onto other things...

    DMC: I had it towed to Akron today to get the clutch looked at and the AC system charged. Turns out the AC system won't hold pressure so we're just going to replace the entire system and switch to R134. Clutch will also be replaced as I expected as it was slipping. Clutch hydraulics look good, though, so that's something. I'm also having upgraded chromed axle flanges put in; supposedly once you make this upgrade the axles rarely leak again as the flanges do not corrode and become porous.

    Clutch stuff:
    Machine flywheel assembly
    New pressure plate, clutch disc, throw out bearing, pilot bearing and rear main seal

    Transmission and axle stuff:
    Replace axle flange seals/ inner o rings/ Dress transmission case assembly and install chrome hardened axle flanges
    Rebuild shift link complete/adjust
    Replace cross gate cable assembly (worn through on frame) and cross gate cable

    AC stuff:
    Replace all lines, compressor, pulley system/belt, flush evaporator core and replace orifice tube, flush condenser, replace accumulator, replace lower pressure switch.
    A/C line kit complete with accumulator/ Sanden compressor

    Separately, the ceramic tint goes on June 2nd. At that point it will be pretty much ready for the NCM trip two weeks later, I just need to do my speedo project and we'll be set.

    MINI: Just goes; used it to move furniture this week.

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