On the Xbox 360, there was an option for you to view the most recent players you gamed with. I can't seem to find that feature on the Xbone. The reason I ask is because of an odd thing that happened to me recently. Someone I don't know added me as a friend a week or two ago. I don't even remember what game I was playing. It was either Forza 6 or Destiny. I just ignored it because you can't seem to deny (you can block everyone in the system settings, but I don't want to do that) or delete them. I could do it on the 360. A few days later, I got a party invite from them. I ignored it. A few days later, I got another party invite from them. I decided that I was going to block them. Unfortunately, I accidentally joined the party. I could hear the group trying to talk to me, but I didn't have my headset on. Before I could even exit the party or block the original inviter, I got kicked. You invited me, douche. Now, I can't even figure out who the original offender is to block them. They are not on my friends list, but I must be on theirs because they sent me invites. *grumble*