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Thread: Cam & Lori's 2017 Subaru Forester

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    I've had three Subbie flat 4 turbo's (first gen Legacy RS, first gen WRX, first gen Sti). Every one of them seemed to use 10l/100km.

    Must be an EJ20 thing

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    My 2016 Impreza is 2.0L non-turbo. It probably gets slightly better than 10L/100km.

    The display I leave it on, "estimated range", possibly has a "don't empty the tank" factor built in. So even though at my last fill-up that display was 100km, and distance travelled was about 440km, after I refuelled, the estimate was 630, rising fairly quickly with about 16km of country driving to 650. (For the 55L tank). I have the raw numbers I need to do the calculation. On paper.

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