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Thread: Low, or lower-end audio. Or middle. But not high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yw-slayer View Post
    FRE:AC is the replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rare White Ape View Post
    For all my music needs I just have my pc plugged into the receiver and use my phone to control Spotify over WiFi. I can pick what I want from my pocket and the computer provides the sound.
    Spotify to AppleTV that has a sound system connected, here hah. I do not miss the days of trying to manage a music library.

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    I deleted all off the music I’d “collected” over the years when I finally got a streaming sub. It was Apple Music for free for six months when I bought a phone.

    I’ve switched to Spotify since then, but now I only keep the rare stuff from back then that fan sites shared.

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