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Thread: NASCAR Has Lost its Goddamn Mind

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    The guy that did it (Ross Chastain), it vaulted him into the Final 4 for the championship. Thus he gained an advantage by doing it. And good for him.

    To get into the NASCAR playoffs, I believe that if you win a race you are automatically in no matter where you are in the standings. Thus I could see a lower level team doing it to win a race to then get into the playoffs.

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    The move has precedent:

    But as you see it didn’t work too well at Darlington. Martinsville feels like the only place it would work; the high speed and short time against the wall lends itself well, whereas trying to wall ride at a 1.5 miler won’t.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Servo View Post
    What bums me out is that now people wallriding in online racing will claim "it's realistic, I can do it"
    People were giving it a shot in iRacing this week. Apparently in Cup cars it works, but not in Trucks or Xfinity.

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