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Thread: Singularity (The A.I. Thread)

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    While we're on that of the best episodes of ST:TNG


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dicknose View Post
    Hard to know if intelligence and emotions are closely tied.
    We don’t have a lot of examples to compare. Yes even if you include other mammals, they have brains similar to ours, shared evolution. There are traits that we see in these animals that we might describe as being emotions. Happy, sad, jealousy, fear - these do seem to show up. Obviously our smarter brains, more complex relationships give us a bigger range of emotions (and our ability to discuss, compare emotions)
    Maybe the best place to look is in some other smart animals, birds and octopus. Do they have emotions at all similar to ours?

    Are these emotions the result of surviving on our environment? AI will have such a different environment, it doesn’t have the same basic requirements - food, shelter, company, reproduction.
    To reach the singularity it requires evolution, but who decides the environment and the goals, risks and rewards.
    That could have a massive impact on what possible emergent side effects come out - maybe emotions are just useful side effects of intelligence as we know it.
    Yeah, to me, that's the fascinating part about AI research... to be able to figure out whether emotions are just merely side-effects... or perhaps actually a critical ingredient that you can't do without. Currently, this is something we just can't know for sure.

    My guess is that emotions are the key ingredients... because at least nothing in observable nature suggests that such emotionless creatures exist... in the not very observable realm, even God has emotions. It'd be truly amazing if we humans can create a conscious self aware being without emotions such as commander Data.

    If emotion is really key, that'd be truly dangerous... for we all know how emotional beings can turn out. If Commander Data is truly possible, then we have less to worry about with AI.

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