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Thread: Take This Job and Shove It

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    Quote Originally Posted by FaultyMario View Post
    Thanks, Rich. I do want something, but more inside the rules this time.
    Any good news yet, Mario?

    Can't wait to get back down to MX for a visit. Extraño mucho.

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    It's been a long time since I sincerely enjoyed a job. I'm not sure if I ever really have, actually. But this latest gig is really working out for me — I'm a full-time traveling EMT assigned to construction and industrial sites, and it's honestly the lowest-stress job I've ever had. This particular assignment is at a really cool major outdoor venue under construction in Nashville, and I work nights. Moving on from this is going to be hard. All the free time gives me a ton of hours to relax, to freelance for TMGPS and Forbes, to brush up on my CE.

    Immediately before this, I was doing covid testing in the freezing tundra of Iowa, where people were 40% positive and I was almost sure I was going to die.

    So for now, I'm enjoying the last month of the most relaxing job I've ever had, hoping for a couple weeks to go home and nervous about wherever they're going to send me next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HondaKid86 View Post
    Any good news yet, Mario?
    We're still here... and that's fucking awesome news! right?

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    I was almost back in this thread, because it was decided our team needed to come back into the office full time. That lasted about a month. Now it's basically once every two weeks, and/or whenever you want. Still in the love it camp!
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