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Thread: Destiny 2

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    I finished the Main Campaign this evening... after like 1 or 2 weeks. I suppose - since I did a 3 player assault and they all played like that - you all play running around like mad men and going forward to the point with not an afterthought.
    I scout the areas, get vantage points, then when enemies start to arrive I snipe them, one by one, with care and without losing cover (aside few runs).
    Then check the area, go forward, look for treasures, enjoy the cutscenes... I guess I won't ever understand what's the point of making speed runs without living the game and the story.
    The Tower, the new unlocked area, makes sense story wise but it's annoying to navigate just to go from one NPC to another... feels like a useless chore.
    Oh well, I may finish few adventures and see what else is to be done in it and check if there's any story campaign in the expansions (Are there any?).
    I've below zero interest in any PvP battles.

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    To a lot of people the main campaign in games like this is just an extended tutorial for the end game. They want to get through everything so that they can do the next thing, get the next loot, etc.
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    Anyhow, on Destiny 2: graphics are wonderful and very scalable, I like the design a lot, and the locations too, often peculiar.
    Playability is top, commands (keyboards + mouse here) pretty easy to learn, aside from the Super and Special commands.
    Nice that after a while the health restores by itself instead of having to micromanage health points/pods/tabs/whatever...
    Although at times the division of weapons in the 3 categories is confusing and constraining, and the randomness of various items is pretty much trivializing, there's room for everyone to find armaments to be tailored to one own tastes which is excellent.
    The story and the setting are a mish mash... I mean, in the end you feel pretty involved in it and the heroic mood ramps up greatly, but on the other hand often there's a lack of suspence and/or of sudden twists (do you remember like when in the first Halo suddenly the Flood appears? Like that). Ghaul could be a vicious and solid villain (what, I've read, was lacking in Destiny 1) but doesn't strike fear at the thought of eventually meet and clash with him.
    The whole story feels like an underplayed and underdeveloped Halo in a Star Wars-ish kinda universe.

    So, are there story campaigns in the two expansions? Are they worthy?
    Also... what is the difference between the two expansions and the annual pass? I'm not sure I understood, must say.
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