I got this a couple of weeks ago for the Xbox One (lostnite66), really enjoying it so far. My brother Rob in Pittsburgh bought an Xbox One 2 months ago, and told me about Fortnite, so I downloaded it so I could play online with him. I thought it was a pretty fun game, but would prefer to have something similar, but without the building.

So that'swhen I started looking into PubG. PubG is much more up my alley. They just added the Miramar map to the Xbox, got a few games in on that one, can't wait to explore it some more. My stats were reset, but screw it, itÂ’s still in preview mode anyway. I do have to say that the reward system in PubG is really weak, maybe it will be rewarded in the finished version.

I play more for the memorable moments anyway. For example, I was in a game a week ago gathering throwables so I could practice with them. The safe zone was in the opposite corner, too far at that point to get to, so a good game to practice on till I died. I was playing one man squad mode, figured I was alone that late in the game and in the opposite corner. As I continued practicing my grenade throwing, all of a sudden bullets started taking on the ground around me. I started running and weaving across an open field, thinking I was dead meat. I spotted a tree in the distance, my only possible cover. I made it to the tree, whipped out my M16, and returned fire. I saw there was a two man squad firing at me, couldn't believe how far away the were, they looked like ants standing on a plateau. One of them started descending the plateau. I continued returning fire, and they stopped pursuit, and ceased fire. Wish I had a scope, but the didn't know I didn't have one. They realized I had cover and the advantage, they had the come across an open field to get to me, very exposed. That felt good! Eventually they turned around and disappear over the other side of the plateau. We all probably died a couple of minutes later from being so far from the safe zone. It's the little strategic encounters like that that make the game for me.

Have not touched Fortnite since.