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Thread: Teach Me About NAS (storage, not the rapper)

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    Teach Me About NAS (storage, not the rapper)

    So I want to get some kind of network storage going. I know basically nothing about NAS at this point. Few questions:

    What is diskless? Does that just mean that it has empty bays you put HDD's in to choose your own size?

    Can you setup RAID 1 (I know next to nothing about RAID either. I think that's the one where you have two mirrored drives in case one takes a shit?)



    Access from outside the network? While still keeping it secure?

    I'm all ears
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    What are you trying to do with it?
    If you want a media server with generic content (i.e. Not your own unique stuff) then raid is probably not important compared total storage. If you can get the data back again from internet then it's no so important to have backups.
    If it's for important backups then it's your decision on how much raid vs cost. Different raid levels/styles off different protection.

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    I think there was a big conversation about this not that long ago...

    What you're gonna do with it and how much space you need largely dictates what & how you do it.

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