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Thread: Bioware's Anthem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kchrpm View Post
    To be fair, they ruined Mass Effect by giving it to a different team/company so that the Mass Effect team could make Anthem.
    No, they ruined it by shitting out an inferior product that was so riddled with bugs (some game-breaking) it was nearly unplayable.

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    They gave it to a support developer as their first full title and released it before it was complete, in time for financial year reporting. Got it out the door with a boot, then cut their losses, then absorbed the developer into other teams. It would’ve been better to release the game a year later, but the fiscal reports wouldn’t have looked as good.

    A small part in of me wants Anthem to fail… hard. So much so that EA is devalued to the point that it gets bought up by Microsoft Or better yet, BioWare is sold to MS and they get to make great exclusives for MS platforms like Xbox and Win10. That would be the romantic option.

    But I don’t contain that much hate. I hope Anthem proves the haters wrong and shows that EA has learned that it can make a game that’s free of anti-consumer bullshit or tied to overly demanding live services that split the player base, a-la GTA Online, etc.

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    Are there swords?
    We’re not talking about Interceptor and Storm right now 😉

    Will there be cloaking?
    We will not be talking about Storm or Interceptor at this time 😉

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