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Thread: Using old wifi routers as signal repeaters

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    Using old wifi routers as signal repeaters

    My trusty old Motorola Surfboard has gotten severely out of date, and I found a good deal on a new cable modem/wifi router combo. My internet speeds are much improved with the new modem, but I was disappointed to see that my wifi range was not as good with the modem wifi combo as it was with my trusty old Linksys WRT54GS. (It's worth noting though that the Linksys has upgraded antennas, both of them are about a foot tall.)

    So, I followed this handy tutorial, and now my Linksys has been put back to work, repeating and re-broadcasting the main wifi signal at the other corner of my house. Now my home is bathed in twice the wifi signal.

    The front of the house is covered by network "Donald Trump is awful," while the back of the house gets the network "Donald Trump is really awful."

    I have to admit it seems somewhat magical to do nothing more than plug the old router into the wall outlet and have it create a viable wifi hotspot on its own with no network cables plugged into it.
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