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Thread: Star Trek: Omnibus

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    Good show last night. Really enjoyed it, even if I might not have written everything the way they did. As always, the production was fantastic - sets, uniforms, music, outer space graphics, etc.

    I recommend episode 11 to all ST fans, regardless of whether you've seen any of the previous ten episodes.

    One neat thing was that they explained an ongoing Star Trek mystery that I've wondered about since either the first Star Trek movies or The Next Generation (which I haven't seen a lot of). In the original series, we saw many times that the crews of other starships and star base personnel wore the same uniforms as the crew of the Enterprise, yet each vessel or station had its own insignia on the chest of the uniforms. What we now think of as "the Star Trek logo" used to be the unique insignia of Enterprise personnel. How did the Enterprise insignia come to be worn by everyone in Starfleet?

    STC did a credible job of explaining that, in addition to a few other cool surprises.

    I will miss STC for sure. I'm sure in a few years, when its time for me to re-watch the entire series again, I will include STC. I gladly accept it as canon.
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