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Thread: The "I'm Feeling Sad" thread

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    Live with my stepdad at his house since my mom passed. He got in a fight with my (13yo) niece and decided to sell the house

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    I canít imagine this is a good time to sell/show homes for sale..., hope heíll calm down a bit...

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    Huh. Never saw this thread before. Which makes *me* sad, because I wish I could have been present for all of my friends, nay, family, going through tribulation.

    But I'm also proud to see how resilient we are as a family, and that people have done remarkably well with the challenges they face.

    And that so much of the sadness I see here is really driven by empathy for others going through hardship. We see you.

    An aside, in regards to the first post — waaaaay back in the GTF days, there was a gentleman named "reference" who took his own life. We dedicated the GT3 FAQ to him. There was an avatar. He was the first GTFer I remember losing, before Wagsboy.

    Hope I can come here and shoulder some of your sadness if you ever hit a rough patch. But since I don't check the forums nearly often enough, please reach out to me directly if you need a very gay Yee-Haw hug. ��

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    Also, Holden, wish I was closer to take you out for a slice at Bilbo's. Was always a highlight of any westward trip to see you.

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