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Motorsport Games has confirmed that they have a new NASCAR game in development, NASCAR 21, and it is using Unreal + rFactor 2 physics instead of the previous engine from the Heat series.


Motorsport says they want to have multiple branded series like this. There's no mention in the article of supported hardware but I would assume PC and hope for consoles.
It's already not looking good. David Schildhouse was given early access to NASCAR '21 to stream on Twitch. The game featured multiple oddities and glitches, most famous of which is where his car was teleported to pit lane on the white flag lap and then spent the next 10 hours making repeated pit stops while he slept. I'm sure this will be fixed, but not a good look for a publisher who is trying to muscle its way into the sim racing space.

Watch it here from the 4h 27m mark