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Thread: Should we have a sim racing omnibus thread?

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    Anyone else remember this supposed game?

    20 years ago!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CudaMan View Post
    That FE qualifier looks cool! I'll see if I can find time to do it next week. I'm doubtful it'll work out, but if my ancient rF2 license is easily found and I somehow manage to figure out top 3 pace in a day or two, maybe.

    Krunch, I haven't played the console version, I've heard it's identical to the PC version in terms of physics but not graphics, and that there's a framerate limit on console that of course isn't there on PC. I forget that framerate limit, make sure it isn't 30 because that would probably be weird with how advanced and nuanced the physics are.

    In other news, real quick before bed, I've been busy today...
    [I can't believe it either!]
    Oh, come on! Not only is it going to be good looking out of the box, I'm sure you are going to find 17 little details that -with a little bit of love and patience- can be adjusted to make it immaculate.


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