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Thread: Should we have a sim racing omnibus thread?

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    Also that round wheel looks very pretty. I bet you can do lots of nice rally driving without having to worry about a flat-bottom D-shaped wheel getting in the way.

    This makes me jealous. I want a round wheel!

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    Round wheels are great for high wheel rotation motorsports. When the drift team first built the GLTZ it was equipped with a Grip Royal drift wheel. As soon as I slid the car on the track and had to catch the rear end I understood why so many drifters use these wheels. I want to adapt one to my sim rig.

    Looking great Blerps! That formula wheel looks amazing and incredibly useful.

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    RWA, the debate on the street is that the Alien ones follow the same project of the Sprint but the brake pedal is better.
    Yet I'm so curious about the P2000 as they are hydraulic... given I don't feel normal sim load cell pedals are any close to the feel of a real car pedals, I'd prefer trying hydraulic ones.
    But, that's a full 900-1000 euro for curiosity.

    So, dunno what to do for now.
    I may even consider going to the Sim Expo next year to try all of them out (Driving Simulation Center in Italy - a franchising - uses only SRP pedals, but those are even more expensive).

    Thanks Brian, those wheels feel very premium... I had fun trying the round one and the leather feels good, althought I'm more at home with GT cars and the FX formula rim.
    The roundness definitively helps with some small fun pocket rockets like old Mini Coopers and so on.
    I do not think I will need anything else but the pedals: I'm not that interested in an H pattern/sequential shifter (goddamn, I want paddles on my road car as well!) or on an handbrake.

    Yet still here waiting for my Trak Racer Rally Seat... damn me and buying stuff under Xmas holidays.
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    Cosworth has entered the chat

    “This is a historic moment for Cosworth. It’s our very first product sim racing product, utilising our decades of experience in motorsport electronics,” said Stefan Balkowiec, Managing Director of Cosworth Electronics.

    “Sim racers the opportunity to have a genuine Cosworth wheel with identical functionality to the motorsport version of the CCW MkII at home for use on their favourite sim racing titles.”

    CCW MkII Pro Sim is available to pre-order now for €7,900.
    Get that weak shit off my track

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