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Thread: Should we have a sim racing omnibus thread?

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    Serious bidnez.

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    Looks good!

    I have a Momo mounted to my wheel. Unfortunately I'll be taking it off in a few months to put it in my real race car.

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    For the triple screen users out there:

    (Skip to 11 minutes to see some driving action)

    And a review in english:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rare White Ape View Post
    And Stephen, I did have a go with it in the Porsche GT3 at Bathurst. How the bloody fuck do you lap that track so quickly in that car? All it wants to do is loop itself around on the exciting hilly stuff, like no other car I've tried wants to. I tried the McLaren 720S as well, and that was much nicer. I can drop easy 2:07s there with the McLaren, probably shave off 4 seconds if I practised and tinkered with setups.
    Practice I have been playing nothing else recently and I've only been driving the Porsche. I seem to recall you being plenty quick on Forza 4 back in the day so I'm sure you can get there, moving the brake balance forward on the aggressive preset helped here. Also note you can close off the brake ducts in the hotlap mode as car damage is turned off, this is worth quite a bit in straight line speed.

    Kunos have reset the times on this challenge as they made some changes to the track grip. It's a little slower now and my best time on the leaderboard is now a 2:01:8xx

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