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Thread: Teh Formula 1 Encyclopedia: 2018 Edition.

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    These midfield drivers are locked in a super tight championship battle... when Daniel Ricciardo joins them next year, assuming Renault stays relatively the same, it’d be more obvious how these drivers really compare...

    At the very least we’ll find out how good the hulk is I guess...

    Anyway, the only obvious rising stars of f1 is still Max and now Charles! Mercedes Jr program just hasn’t discovered a super star yet... as long as you’re not a paid driver, surely everyone good enough to earn a ride is an automatic star. Being super is another level...

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    Russel takes Stroll's Williams seat for 2019.

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    Meanwhile Mick Schumacher is the new Euro F3 2018 champion. He will probably race next season in F2 with Prema. Also he does not want to tie himself to any big F1 team junior programme, he declared, he wants to be free to choose and not risk to become a victim of paddock politics like Ocon.
    Vandoorne officialized at HWA in Formula E.
    Also, note down the name of Juri Vips, a young estonian that showed great promise at debut this last race weekend in Euro F3.
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